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Top 4 Benefits of Open Source Development

  • Category Archives: Web Development

    Top 4 Benefits of Open Source Development

    Open source development is easily one of the most popular means of getting your website developed. While it remains rather layman, it is still highly effective in specific areas. Most companies that do not want to incur a higher cost for having their dedicated website developed tend to go for open source development.

    However, the problem with getting open source development services is that you are spoilt for choice. The sheer number of companies in the world that offer this service is simply staggering. At the same time, it is a fact that specific companies can only target specific regions.

    But there are some companies like 6ixwebsoft that can offer high-quality open source development services across the world. So, if you are a company looking to make your operations international but also do not want a particularly steep price on your web development then open-source development services might be just what you need.

    Now, let us tell you the 5 major benefits that you will get from having open source development services:

    1. Cost Effectiveness

    This is often cited as the major reason for why companies tend to go for open source development services. And it is a very important factor. Compared to other development modes, open source does offer a tremendous advantage in terms of development cost. This means that you could get your website development done at less than half the cost it would take for you to have it done through other channels.

    However, an important factor to keep in mind when going for open source development is that the development should not compromise on quality. This is something that many companies tend to find out later and thus have to spend extra money just addressing the coding faults. So, when you choose to go for open source development services, you must ensure that the coding is par excellence. Otherwise, the cost effectiveness factor becomes irrelevant.

    1. Fast Source Code Development

    One of the major benefits of having an open source development is that you can quickly evolve your source code and keep it at par with the latest developments. This is particularly useful for companies that want to keep their websites running using the latest techniques. Obviously, if you use any other coding system then you are effectively locking yourself away from any future development unless the potential is actualized by a professional with specialized skills.

    While this is certainly a benefit for any company with an open source platform, it does come with a number of considerations. The first and foremost of these has to do with effective coding. Despite what you might think, coding skills vary from professional to professional. This becomes even more important when implementing latest techniques. Not everyone is going to be able to implement it. So, you need reliable open source development services that can help you capitalize on the potential that your website has.

    1. Customization Possibilities

    Another major advantage from open source development is that of customization. Since open source platforms are used so widely, it is always the case that coding evolution is taking place in multiple avenues. This naturally means that there are a number of customization options available to companies. While choosing from these is the discretion of the company, implementing them is solely on the coding expert. At the same time, an experienced coding professional will be able to tell you which custom option you should go for. So, it is important to hire the right kind of people to get the job done.

    With that being said, most open source development services do not offer post-project completion customization options. This means that you either have to pay extra or simply have to use your in-house coding experts to get the job done. So, before your project gets completed, be sure to discuss the possibilities of customization with your development service providers in detail. This will help you reserve resources to suit your future needs. Further, it will also ensure that your future hiring is done on the basis of pre-defined requirements.

    1. Easy to Change

    One of the biggest benefits of open source development services is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on maintenance. In fact, when compared to other source codes, open source is rather easily maintained. This means that you save a lot of money on the upkeep and also do not need to hire costly professionals to make any changes to the code as and when required. This is a primary reason for the popularity of open source development services.

    There is one consideration that you should make when looking to modify open-source development and that is of knowledge. The person that you hire to make changes to your source code needs to be professionally competent. Moreover, they need to be able to understand the fundamental workings of the platform itself and then make the appropriate changes to the code. If they are novices or simply have callous attitude, then you could lose all functionality and then have to resort to getting the code fixed externally.

    Where Should You Go for Getting the Best Open Source Development Services?

    Open source development is very popular with companies all over the world. The factors we spoke of above ensure that companies find it their preferred development model. Naturally, this means that there countless companies offering these services. However, very few of them have the standards of excellence that will enable you to make the most of your platform in the long run. This is where 6ixwebsoft makes its appearance.

    As one of the most reputed open source development services provider in the world, 6ixwebsoft offer high-quality web development services to all clients. Our open source development services are marked with precision, professionalism and affordable prices. Having been in the business for over 10 years and as an ISO Certified Google Partner company, we offer the best services in the market.

    If you want professional open source development services, then look no further than 6ixwebsoft. Contact us now and start the development for your open source online platform today!

    Top 4 Web Development Programming Languages

    The entire world is going online. These days, you would be hard pressed to find any business that does not have an online presence. And the reasons for that are obvious. If you have a web presence, then it is easier for people to find you. Naturally, this also means that you are more likely to get a lot of business.

    Top 4 Web Development Programming Languages

    Even if your business has nothing to do with the internet, you can benefit from being online. For example, if you own a bar, then whenever someone searches for the best bars in your area, they will find you and possibly bring some business to your establishment. So, having an online presence certainly has some benefits.

    At the same time, there are companies that do the bulk of their business online. Moreover, there are companies that want to keep their business to themselves and away from the possibility of hacks and other malwares. This is just one of the many benefits you can get from choosing the right programming language for your website.

    Why is Choosing the Best Programming Language for Your Website Important?

    This is a very important factor for why web development as a field has such a large variety. It is because of the large number of programming languages available. Each of them has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, some are clearly more popular than others.

    If you are looking for professional web development services, then the first thing to consider is whether they can provide you web development in the language you want. But first, you need to know the best programming languages out there. So here’s the definitive list:


    Python is one of the best programming languages to learn in 2018 because it is very easy to understand. It also offers a pre-defined library of functions which make executing functions rather easy. Python can also be used on multiple platforms and allows immense scaling options. If you check out the website of any major company like Google, Nokia, Disney etc. then you will find them using Python in some way or another.

    However, Python does have some drawbacks like it is slow, lacks 3-D game development possibilities, offers limited options for multicore work and not the best fit for mobile devices. So, if you want an efficient, desktop/laptop only programming language, then Python is a great option to consider.


    Microsoft’s native language is popular for many reasons, the least of which is the brand name behind it. Some of its major assets are multiple language use, offers horizontal scalability, can work as a basis for multiple other languages, is Windows supported by default, multi-language options means calling methods from other languages like C# is very easy. So, you can see why .NET is a favourite for many developers.

    But .NET does have certain disadvantages like a rather restricted object-relational support, Windows does not offer multiplatform support by default, migrations from other languages are costly and future developments are the sole discretion of Microsoft. So, while .NET does come with some shortfalls, it is still great if you plan to remain Windows-friendly.

    Java is probably the most well known programming language in the world. And when you check out its list of advantages, it is easy to see why. It offers great Object-Relational support, has advanced build systems and CI tools, offers smooth migration options, the Java community is internationally active and more open, Java-based apps can be easily transferred to other platforms and Java tends to like keeping domain objects beyond databases. You might be thinking, this is the one for you. But consider the disadvantages before you make a decision.

    Java allows only its own language for development, is not friendly to Groovy-based Scala functions, it takes up more memory and is slower still and is not the safest in terms of security. So, if you do not have some top-secret stuff on your website, Java can do the trick for you.


    When it comes to open-source development, PHP is second to none. This one is easily one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It offers benefits like near-limitless development library, high-speeds, ease of use, rapid removal of bugs and errors, pre-set database connection modules and multiplatform support. So, this means PHP is a smooth, speedy, efficient development machine that can work very well with the right talent handling it. However, PHP is known for some shortcomings as well.

    PHP is not the most secure as it is open-source and potential bugs can lead to security breaches, it is not the most modular and thus, not the best for large-scale apps and its type is not the most distinctive and this can lead to bugs that the developers did not suspect or foresee. Despite these shortfalls, PHP is a very popular language and offers great development options to people in tight budgets.

    Where Should You Go for Quality Web Development Services?

    As you can tell by now, web development is a complicated and nuanced topic and needs to be approached with knowledge of the full deck. 6ixwebsoft offers professional web development services to clients in virtually all industries. Our web development experts are adept at providing sound solutions to business owners within their stipulated budgets. Their cumulative experience makes them a powerful force that you can get to working in your favour.

    However, 6ixwebsoft is not only concerned with web development using the top 4 web development programming languages. We also provide a range of other development and digital marketing services. So, you can effectively launch your business and make it successful just by approaching us. Moreover, you can go for full scale development and digital marketing packages that will further help you reduce costs and maximize profit.

    If you want the best web development services at the most affordable prices, then 6ixwebsoft is the first option you should consider. Contact us today and let our web development professionals choose the best web development programming language for your needs and give you a stunning website!

    Top Web Design Companies in Delhi

    Web design and development is an essential part of becoming a business with an online presence. These days, it is nothing short of a sin to not have a website. Whether it is a government organization or a private entity, having an online presence is all-important. Not only can it boost your business limitlessly but also expose your products/services to a wider cross-section of your target market audience.

    So, companies all over the world are always on the lookout for web design companies who can deliver high-quality websites at affordable and economical prices. However, as you can expect, those who do quality work also charge a premium price for it. So, there is a constant struggle for quality and affordability.

    Before we get into talking about which are the best web design companies in Delhi, we will look at the selection parameters. How did we choose the companies that we have added to our list? Was it the price? Or the performance? Is it their portfolio? Or the potential that the present in every project? These are some of the questions that we will answer in the next segment.

    You should read the following segment to understand how to evaluate the quality of the company. At the same time, it will tell you what the salient traits of the most prominent and successful web design companies in Delhi are. So, when the time comes for you to select the right company to make an impressive website for you, there will be no need for second opinions. Let’s start.

    Top Web Design Companies Delhi

    Factors to Consider When Selecting a Web Design Company

    When you are looking for a reliable company to serve your web design needs, there are many factors that you need to consider. Above all else, if the company is able to provide services over and above the web design aspect then there is nothing better.

    We say so because web design is only one part of the web development process. Ideally, a company needs to deliver all the services you require for a functional website. Moreover, the website needs to designed while keeping in mind the ethos of your website or more specifically, what you represent.

    So, for example, if you represent the fashion industry in Milan, then your website needs to be a class-apart. Also, if you are from a niche domain like that, then you can spend a little extra to distinguish your company from others.

    As another example, if your company is a B2B enterprise, then you need to show total professionalism. So, you don’t need someone who will use fancy fonts and quirky colors. Rather you should have your website developed by a professional who favors functionality over style.

    So, when thinking of a web design company it is important to consider the following factors:

    1. Principle

    Every design process is based on a design principle which is essentially its guiding philosophy. Before you talk to the company about your own web design project, you must ask them their governing principle. This refers to their approach to the web design process. How they approach the design process will naturally greatly impact the eventual outcome.

    A good way of understanding the different kinds of approaches they adopt, you should have a look at the previous works they have completed. Ask them to show you some works that have different or contradictory philosophies. Keep in mind however that just because a company does different kinds of web designing, it does not mean they are good. It is possible to specialize in a particular type of web design and deliver quality stuff in that niche exclusively.

    1. Process

    Process refers to the methodology that is adopted by a company to develop a project. Different companies have different approaches as to how they can deliver the product that the client desires. Some prefer making a complete plan before starting the process. Others like to develop projects on the fly. A few also like to develop projects through an overarching framework within which they make changes and alterations.

    Different processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, in every developmental process, you will almost always need to change something or the other. Also, it is wise to have a company which can keep the client involved. This ensures that the development goes exactly how the client wants it and there are no post-completion dissatisfactions.

    1. Price

    This is probably the most important point of concern for companies when thinking web design. However, it should not be too much of a concern for the simple reason that you can get industry standard services at normal prices. The problem with many companies is that they think they can do with a substandard design if their services are at par with the industry standard. What they don’t understand is that your web design can have a huge impact on your client conversion rate.

    In fact, some experts would even say that you can pitch a higher price for your services simply by having a snazzy website. So, when a good company charges a slightly higher price for their web design services, you should not crib over the cost too much. If their principle and process seem satisfying, then they might be just what you have been looking for.

    So, now you understand how you can evaluate a web design company for their value of work. There are some other minor factors that you should also consider here such as deadline-based delivery, latest technology orientation, and consistent support. If you keep these factor in mind then you should have little trouble in selecting the right company.

    These are the factors that we took into consideration when we were compiling our list. After some investigation and exploration, we came up with the definitive list of the best web design companies in Delhi. Have a look.

    Top Web Design Companies in Delhi

    1. 6ixwebsoft

    Widely regarded as one of the best companies in Delhi for all-round web development, 6ixwebsoft has risen to prominence in a very short amount of time. Their USP lies in delivering high-quality web design services along with other related web development options like content development, custom CMS etc.

    So, 6ixwebsoft provides the complete web development package and that is why they have achieved success. By diversifying their services and providing custom packages, they have been able to capture large chunks of the regional and national market. The best part is that their packages make affording their services easier even though their individual services are rather fairly priced.

    1. Grapes Software

    Grapes software has a very impressive repertoire of clients. Aside from Google, the company has also worked for Indian giants like Horlicks, Alpenlibe, Eicher, VLCC and many more. The philosophy of the company is centered around the mixing of wines, as their name suggests. They pride themselves on building the perfect blend of strategy and creativity and have produced rather good results for their clients.

    However, the biggest problem with this company is their price. Grapes Software is one of the most expensive web design companies in the market right now. You can expect your project to even not be entertained in the event you make a low-priced proposal.

    1. Midas Web Tech

    Midas is a company well-known for its excellent design and superb list of services. They also have an impressive portfolio which is very visible on their website. Moreover, the company has priced its services rather effectively such that even small to mid-sized enterprises will be able to afford them. If you are looking for a reasonable web development company, then Midas might just be the golden touch you want.

    However, the one single issue with this company is that while their web design is interesting, it is nothing out of the ordinary. This means that while most will be satisfied, if you are looking for an exceptional design to make yourself stand apart, then this might not be right for you.

    1. Ray Creations Infosoft

    One of the smallest yet most effective web development and web design companies on our list, Ray Creations has become quite popular over the years. The company was established in 2004 and since then has been quite successful in capturing a healthy section of the market. The USP of the company is their low pricing and comparatively high-quality product delivery.

    One major con that is visible in the company is their inability to handle larger projects. Since they employ only about 25 people at max, their capability of delivering larger projects on time is suspect. That is why it would be important to consider the size of the project before going in to hire them.

    1. Cross Section Interactive

    Cross Section Interactive of CSIPL is a rather well-known name in the domestic web development industry of India. They provide top-of-the-line web development services and are highly rated for their quality. As a company with a history spanning almost 15 years, this company offers high-grade services that span the entire gamut of web development.

    The only problem with Cross Section Interactive is that their services are incredibly highly-priced. This means that only companies who are willing to shell out an exclusive price will be able to avail their services. However, there is no doubt that their services are one-of-a-kind.

    1. Art Attack

    As their name suggests, Art Attack is one unique web designing and development services provider in Delhi. Their website bespeaks the quality, excellence and sheer imagination that the company can boast of. This company also does everything that you could ask for when it comes to web development. Their approach is defined by interactiveness, uniqueness and a overbearing love for exceptional presentation.

    However, the major issue with Art Attack is that because of their artsy approach to web development, some companies may not find them a good fit. In other words, Art Attach is a company best suited to handling creative website and blogs. So, if you are a fashion designing company and want an amazing website, Art Attack can deliver better than most. However, for a strictly corporate website, they might not be the best fit.

    1. Olive E-Business

    One of the oldest web development companies in Delhi, Olive E-Business is a prominent name in the industry. They have the biggest and longest reputation for success among all other companies. They also provide the entire range of services you might need to get a complete website. Having handled clients like Canon, Subway etc. they know their job well and do it even better.

    The only complaint that we have with this business is that they are priced beyond the reaches of most small to mid-level companies. Admittedly they have made their place and can quote prices as they see fit. However, it would have been nice for them to make things easier on our pockets or at least offer combo packages like 6ixwebsoft to cut down the cost a little bit.

    1. Atechnocrat Web Solutions

    At a dozen years old, Atechnocrat is certainly one of the best in the web design and development business in Delhi. They offer the entire range of services you need to get a great website and have also priced their services moderately. This means that any small to mid-level company can take up their services without much trouble. Honestly, Atechnocrat’s portfolio does not contain any big names. However, the quality of their work speaks for itself.

    On the flipside, the company is quite small, with no more than two dozen workers at any time. This means that they might not be able to handle larger projects. However, this does not make them any less competent.

    Which One Should You Choose?

    With so many choices in the market, it is no surprise that even the experienced professionals have second thoughts on whom to hire. However, as we outlined earlier, if you consider the trifecta of Ps – Philosophy, Process, and Price, then you should have no trouble selecting the right one. Remember to stay involved as even the best cannot deliver what you want without regular inputs.

    WordPress vs. Blogger: Which is the one best out there for you in 2018?

    The fight has been for long. The fight is has been intense. And, now people know the winner. But still there are some, who are struggling between what is the best and worthy for them even as we all step in 2018.


    WordPress has taken the market by storm even if its debut was later in comparison to Google’s Blogger where the former had in 2003 and latter in 1999. Once it was hard to say about blogs that existed in the virtual sphere as the demand and popularity was low to nothing. And, look at now, there are multiple blogging platforms and each one is giving something better from other.

    Also, those who have been since 2000, know very well that the option of self-hosted blog & free blogging service were scarce and unknown. But, now it is optional and both have a thriving audience and user base that cannot be underestimated and underrated.

    It is not easy to ask yourself “which one is right for you?” when options are too many and all of them both are worth trying and give a feel of million bucks.

    Below we are talking about the differences between WordPress vs. Blogger where you are answered “Which is the one best out there for you in 2018?”

    The difference that can be seen from large eyes is in its coding language. While WordPress is designed in PHP and blogger is made in Python, both have their market but one is above them. The winner is WordPress which gives you options of designing your blog or website in easy and time saving methods. Also, WordPress gives you the right of getting into top into various search engines esp. of Google. While google’s own blogging service doesn’t get that much of steam and popularize.

    Blogger here loses the war badly because wordpress is long ahead in the league of customization. It offers you various variations in how you want your website to be out there. With themes; both free and paid out there, you have artistic streaks to test and implement. With plugins, you can do what you want via website. From selling to creating a business online, wordpress gives you better chances of your freedom.

    When we talk about Ownership and Control both WordPress vs. Blogger stand on equal measures. But that is till the time free exists and you are just using to display your content and not earning via it. That paying and earning thing can be achieved via paid and domain rights.

    While wordpress coding is done in open source, it is necessary to see blogger doesn’t. Both gives you option of backing up your website and its data. So, there is the fight that continues on. But if you are going with wordpress, we are with you. Also, if you want to make a website or blog through it then checks our services.

    6ixwebsoft technology is one of the top IT companies that promises premium services by the help of Google Partner Company. we have more 10 years of experience of making successful and thriving websites for local and international customers. Do check our website for digital marketing, web design and SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM and Content Writing.

    Benefits of AMP Pages

    AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a Google backed project that’s intension is to help websites open fast in mobile devices even it has rich contents like Infographics, Audio & Video files and PDFs. It was announced in 2015 with supports from Google, WordPress, Twiter and several other companies and publishers.


    How AMP can help your Business Website?

    Faster loading pages on Mobile Devices
    – It’s no surprise that AMP pages help websites open too fast. In a recent survey, It is clear that an average mobile user abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So if a business website is using AMP technology, The average load time can be reduced up to 85%.

    Improved Search Engine Ranking – We don’t know exactly that Google uses AMP as a ranking factor or not but it is quite clear that if a website is using AMP, The pages will obviously open faster in mobile devices that will boost SEO of that website.

    Improved CTR – The Search Results in Google clearly display AMP symbols in green for the websites that comply with AMP technology. Users know it that these types of websites open faster so they will prefer to go with these websites only. Not only this, Google also started showing AMP content that includes large images.

    Support for Ads – AMP can be very helpful for website owners who want to increase their revenue by showing different ads. It supports a wide range of ad networks and technologies to provide an improved user experience by displaying good ads.

    Improves Server Performance – If your website has tons of visitors on daily basis, it will be a good choice to go for AMP services because AMP will reduce the load on your server and improve the overall performance.

    Are You looking to get helped regarding AMP? 6ixwebsoft Technology can be the bread and butter for your every need related to website designing, web development and Digital Marketing. Choose free to reach us any time and we will get back to you ASAP.

    Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated PHP Developer

    No matter how large or small your business is, if you are selling products or services on internet, at some point you need someone who care your web problems. Website problems can be anything, it can be blog managements and other stuffs, but hey, what if you need to write codes for your website. Since, you do not have any technical knowledge of programming therefore you genuinely need an expert that take care of these stuffs. Here you need someone who can do coding for your website: a dedicated PHP developer.


    A PHP developer can help you in followings:

    • Website Design and Development: Whether you need to modify your existing website or develop a new one, a PHP developer can help you in all.
    • Website Application Development: Your PHP developer helps you to add extra features on your website or also fix the existing one.
    • Social Networking Application: Huge part of your web performance depends on the social media presence. Your developer can add a feature that directly redirects visitors to your social networking pages. Moreover, SEO experts also suggest having better social network links on the website.
    • Custom Solution: By hiring a PHP, developer you can control his/her works. Your PHP developer works on your requirements.

    Why should you hire a PHP developer?

    First, the service is cost-effective; second, it is flexible and third you can easily communicate with your developer. When you hire a dedicated PHP developer then it would be strictly charged only for the developer’s service, no infrastructure or other hidden charges, you have to pay for what you need. Your PHP developer will work the way you want, you can say him/her, ‘hey, leave it, I want you to work on this’. You’ll be the boss, and he/she will work exactly as you want.

    Moreover, you own a website design and development company, you too can hire a dedicated PHP developer to reduce your workloads. When you need manpower, you can get it from the another geographical locality where you can find authentic and cost-effective workers.

    If you are seeking to hire dedicated web developers or designers, then consult 6ixwebsoft technology. They can provide you top-notch PHP developers in the USA. With decades of excellence in their field, they can assure you for authenticity and higher return on investment. They are courteous and easily reachable.

    Benefits of WordPress Websites

    WordPress has been widely used since 2003 and it is one of the most popular platforms to create SEO friendly website for getting massive traffic. Although it was started as a blogging platform but because of its so many features, It is now a full-fledged content management system. Although there are many CMS platforms in the market including Joomla and Magento but the problem with most of users is that they don’t have technical expertise to handle every needs. Luckily, WordPress is free and one doesn’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge . Here is a list of reasons that make wordpress so popular –

    Benefits of WordPress Websites


    Quick Installation – Most of major hosting service providers offer a one click quick wordpress installation. There is no need to download and upload wordpress files via cpanel or FTP. All you need to do is to click on “Install wordpress” and within a few minutes, your site will be up and start working.

    User friendly – WordPress websites are considered as most user friendly websites because you can simply write, upload media and publish pages/posts without any coding knowledge. Incase if you need some special functionality on your website, you can simply install a plugin to fulfill your task.

    SEO Friendly – The main motive of building a business website is to get better presence over search engines. In general, wordpress websites are highly search engine friendly sites because it has so many features to make a website as Google recommends.

    Full control over your website – Unlike some website building platforms, if you use wordpress as CMS, you will have full control over your websites. You can do what you want in your own way.

    Add Functionalities by just adding plugins – Plugins are really important to add different functionalities as you want. All you need to do is to search for plugin you want to install and activate them to get the functionality as you need.

    Define multiple users – As there is no need to give full permission to every user, As an administrator, you can create different user profiles and give the access level as per requirements.

    Security – WordPress is known for being secure. However, you should keep backup of your website on regular intervals.

    Strong Community Support – Because of popularity of WordPress, it has strongest community support. You can search for the issues if you are getting and there will be high chance that you will get your answer to solve the issue.

    Cost Effective – WordPress designing and development is extremely cost effective. Gone are the days when you pay thousands of dollars for creating a few pages website. It is extremely cheap as you can do most of the tasks without hiring a designer.

    Ultimate Social Media Integration – Another benefit of wordpress websites is that the wordpress themes are seamless integrated with social media networks.

    Final Words – There are many features of wordpress that makes it so popular. If you have a small business website, wordpress can be the best option for you because of many reasons. If you need any help regarding wordpress designing and development, you can contact us. Thanks!

    Things to Know about Real Estate Web Development

    When you can find the whole world on the internet, then why struggle offline to find customers. Real Estate is a serious investment and people usually do comprehensive research before buying. Therefore, it is crucial to have a positive online reputation – in which your website demonstrates huge part of your status. In many ways, a real estate website is similar to other ordinary website but when you talk about the perfection then your developers and designers have to come up with a website, which is deliberately crafted for real estate marketing.
    Everything You Need to Know about Real Estate Website Design and Development

    This article is all about an effective real estate or property website:  answering what kind of platform and design would be most appropriate and effective for real estate dealers. If you need a custom real estate website design and development services in the USA, that speak to your customers about the properties for sale, and convince them to invest their money in your property. Sit back and mark the words below, which guide you to effective real estate websites’ design and development.

    When you talk about website development platform, then there are few points that need to consider before you opt for a specific platform for your real estate website. Since you are a non-technical person and you want to edit and/or add content on your website, then WordPress would be the most suitable preference. When it comes to providing intuitive-interface, WordPress efficiently goes in all. Such websites are uncomplicated and do not need HTML editing or FTTP software. However, if your main concern is security then you may go for Codeigniter.

    Below are the seven features that every website including real estate websites must have in order to succeed in its motive:

    • Well-organized sitemap: A logical sitemap is essential, as it impresses both users and search engines. Google appreciate those websites who have clear content and structure.
    • Essential Business Information: Your website content should be precise and informative, as your customers are not visiting your website to enjoy jargons and well-versed statements. Since they are looking for real estate deals, you should better start with relevant content.
    • Clear Navigation: Your website design navigation plays important role in success of your website. It also affects search engines ranking and traffics. Usually, people in hope for stunning website design compromise with easy navigation, which later proves harmful for websites.
    • Responsive website design: it is important that your users do not experience any inconvenience while browsing your website. Nowadays, when we do a deep analysis of the way your users browse your website then we must conclude to a fact that a website must be capable of fitting on every device including mobile phones. Responsive website design is important for the websites of these days.
    • SEO-friendly: This may be two words, SEO and friendly but the techniques that required to accomplish an SEO-friendly website is much complex and needs expert’s assistance. The struggle to make a website SEO-friendly starts from the very beginning when the programmers write codes for your website. The website coding should be simple and website design should be optimized, as search engines like such website. Moreover, there are numerous other things to take care such as title tags, Meta tags and so on.
    • Social Media Integration: your website must have rich with links that lead the users to social media. It is important for a business website to have a positive social media presence. If you precisely talk about real estate websites then your social media reputation adds extra benefits in your business.
    • Blog: From SEO point of view, the blog is most effective way to rank your website on search engine page. Your website blog works silently to drive a significant amount of traffic on your website.
    • Analytics: No matter how much effort you did your website, it vital to avail Google analytics. It enables us to find out how users locate your website; it also gives information about the most visited page of your website. Analytics is all about comprehending the performance of your website, you must use it to ensure the effectiveness of your website.

    Essential web features of a real estate website that leading real estate website design and development services in the USA avail:

    • High-resolution professional images: images on real estate website play an important role in engaging visitors and when they start liking the images then this may develop a subconscious impression to request a quote from your website.
    • Map: Location map is essential to address your projects to visitors; they will easily comprehend the property and prefer to call you for further inquiry. Moreover, add direction facility so that they can relate different places and references.
    • Distinguish and Visible Contact Information: if your visitors cannot contact you then all your efforts will be futile. It is important that your website has distinguished contact information, especially for real estate website.
    • Advance Search Box: An effective search option engage users on your website, if they do not get what they are searching for, then they may repel from your website. Your search should be clear and categorized for sale, for rent, for lease and others, so that visitors can easily find out whatever they are looking.
    • Online Consultant: it is helpful to provide satisfied service to your visitors. When you add a feedback form, live chat, and other facilities, your users will get online help. Quicker you response to your visitor, higher the chances are that the visitor will become your customer.

    Do you need a real estate website? Let us help you. We are 6ixwebsoft technology, a leading website development, designing, and marketing Company in the USA. We offer optimal real estate website design and development services in the USA. Our top-notch professionals avail top-grade technology and proven strategy to offer best-in-class web solution. We can build your real estate website and also place it on the top of search engine page.

    Everything you need to know about Ecommerce website design and development

    Whenever we think of an ecommerce website, a multi-layered web page with easy navigation will pop in mind. Technically, a single page website with a PayPal button can be considered as an ecommerce website but then again technically, concerning the current marketing fray the chances for success of such ecommerce is a doubt. Selling goods online needs different setup from run-of-the-mill blogging websites. Commonly modern e-commerce websites have a user-interface, administration settings, store data and a workflow of processes. This article will explain the essential eleven features every ecommerce website needs in order to perform well among their customers.

    When dissecting the ecommerce website we have concluded on five major performers that perform on the website and each one of them is integrated with each other in such a way that malfunctioning of any one of them can lead to an unsuccessful ecommerce website. The first performer on an ecommerce website is the customers – who buy products. The next performer is the website owner – ships products and gets paid. Ecommerce applications come next that provide an interface between all the performers. Then we have most crucial one- the payment gateway; it crucial to have reliable payment gateway so that your customers faithfully make payment of the products they purchase. Last but not the least, the performer in our list is merchant or business bank account, which is specialized for ecommerce owners.

    Process that undergoes when a successful purchase is made can be threaded as

    > Customer browses the products catalog
    > The customer adds his/her required products to cart
    > Then the customer buys the products and enter check-out procedure
    > E-commerce application contact the payment gateway
    > Payment gateway provides secure shipping and payment information
    > Payment gateway connect with the website merchant bank account
    > Merchant bank account collect the payment and returns control again to payment gateway
    > Then payment gateway hand over the customer to ecommerce application
    > The application send notification to the web site owner for the purchase
    > Website owner start shipping the products to customer

    Eleven essential features every ecommerce website should have:

    Responsive: yes! This feature is first on our list. Technically, responsive website stands to provide an optimal viewing experience across wide range of devices with a minimum resizing. Having a responsive website has become crucial for ecommerce web owners. Statically, around 55% of customers make a purchase from their mobile phones rather than from desktops or laptops. Therefore, if you want to reach those customers, you need to be prepared with responsive websites.

    Easy Navigation: Ecommerce website is all about functionality, features, and design. Your customers must not find any difficulty while finding their desired products. You need to keep the overall layout simple yet elegant. Customers love to stay on the websites, which are easy to use. If your website is not capable of navigating your customers to buy your products then you are losing a huge amount of customers. Make simple and easy navigation to different pages.

    Fast Load Time: Fast load time is not only helpful to avoid the repelling of customers to your website but it is also a powerful ranking factor. Search engines precisely Google love the websites that load faster. Whether users browse your website from mobile or desktop, you need to keep the shortest time to load. Very slow websites create bad user-experience, and along with your customers, Google too ignores slow websites.

    High-Resolution pictures and videos: What would be the reason behind the stunning lighting of shopping malls? Maybe because the lightning expresses their products more clearly, likewise, ecommerce websites have to enlist good quality images with significant zooming strength, so that your customers conveniently examine the products. Your images should be descriptive to show all the features of the product.

    Shopping Cart, Customer Accounts, and Search Box: It would be impossible even to imagine an ecommerce website without these three features. Usually, a simple basket is a popular representation of shopping cart, you should try similar figure for your website. When it comes to customer accounts, you should keep the form precise and short. A long and laborious registration form increase chances to abandon the purchase. Online buyers keen to make a purchase quickly and they can easily be distracted with the inconvenience. It would be better if you provide guest checkout to faster the process. The search box can be the first thing that users use to get their desired products, in ecommerce websites the most highlighted stuff on the website is a search box. Make it eye-catching and functional.

    A clear logo and simple yet attractive design: A logo reminds your customers of your brand, and provides recognition to the visitors. Maybe it is just a mini graphic but effectively it works as a reassuring symbol and an element of trust and loyalty. The design, on the other hand, is crucial in making an appealing and attractive layout. Customers impress more with the good-looking website but also they easily repel from slow loading websites. So, you need to keep both looks and user-interface in tandem.

    Seamless Checkout: The conversion rate of your website will significantly increase if you offer your customers a seamless checkout facility. It takes seconds when buyers change their mind, long checkout procedure usually repelling for your customers. As soon as they determine to buy a product, they just want to check out without any delay. A single-page checkout page is an effective way to enhance user-friendliness.

    Featured and related products: As soon as your website gains a visitor, then somehow you have to keep him/her engage in your products, which is pretty effective to convert them into a buyer. Displaying featured products on your homepage will communicate with the buyers and who knows; maybe they buy your products. Related products provide buyers a wide variety of products including the one they are currently viewing.

    Newsletters: when you have an e-commerce website then it is crucial for you to communicate with your customers. The newsletter is an essential feature of ecommerce website, which automatically sends emails to people who considered as potential customers.

    : In SEO point of view, the blog is necessary to acquire better web presence; it does not only bring visitors to your website but also engage them and insist them to buy your products.

    Secure Payment: Indispensably, you have to provide secure and reliable payment gateway for your customers. Besides its reliability, the payment option of your website has to versatile. So, while making payment your customers have multiple choice.
    6ixwebsoft is for robust and optimal ecommerce design and development. Get a free quote now.

    Inexpensive way to get a professional website


    Now the ever, business strategies have been changed remarkably. For contemporary entrepreneurs having a static ‘Web address’ is more crucial than to have a geographical address. This article is all about getting cheapest yet professional website for your business. If you need a website, which helps you to reach to your customers, then sit back and mark every word to get a professional website in your budget. These are some essential steps for website building:

    The to-do-lists to build a website start with getting a domain. While doing so you need to consider few points, which would be much helpful to get traffic. The first thing that you need to care when choosing a domain name is to make is as short as possible; a short domain functions well than a long one. Your domain name should not be something that can easily be misspelled this creates a problem. Next, when your business is limited to certain geography, then it would be better to have country specified extension than having a global .com domain name. Importantly, you have to include your main keyword in your domain if you can; this improves your rank on search engines and just makes more sense to your customers.

    You need to be little futuristic when getting a web hosting service, estimate all the supports that you’ll need when your website will start performing among your customers. Make a list of all the services that you are going to need from your website hosting provider, for example, email facilities and others; but there are some services that almost every website owner needs – for example, 24/7 free phone supports and adequate backup. Since you are opting for an inexpensive website, therefore, you must consider your budget or the price that you can pay for a hosting service. However, if your budget is limited, this not means that the hosting service you’re opting should also be limited; you need to comprehend the scalability that your hosting service can provide.

    When you have already registered for a domain and hosting services, the next thing we require is a flexible and robust Content Management System that comes cheap. It is widely recommended that WordPress is the best option if your budget in limited. Installing WordPress is pretty simple; in your hosting cPanel, you need to select the WordPress and follow the procedure to install. Fortunately, the process is completely free of cost.

    Now, you need a theme, a professional theme that suits your Since, we have WordPress, so you need not worry about the costs, as you can easily find numerous affordable yet stunning themes that make your website authentic and professional. WordPress has an extensive library of free and premium themes. This means that you can start your website with stunning and professional templates, which precisely do not need any programming or designing skills. Even if you find it not up to the mark then you can find someone who can help you to customize your theme and make it unique yet attractive. Take your time while searching a theme for your website; consider it in a different point of view- is it beautiful and professional? Additionally, is it user-friendly? It would be better if you hire a designer for the purpose, at this point you need to spend on services that worth each penny you pay.

    When everything is finished, you need to examine the functionality of your website. Browse your website from five major browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. You also need to browse your website from different devices to check whether it is responsive or not. Make sure to validate CSS and HTML codes and check the syntax errors.

    Ahem! You have your professional website, which introduces your website to your customers. If you still find it difficult or you do not have enough manpower to do so, then leave it to us. We at 6ixwebsoft have mastered in creating a website, we provide services for every level of affordability. So, if you need a website in your budget then connect with us. We create your website that not only functions profoundly among your customers, but we also make it SEO-friendly.

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