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Should You Get Facebook App Development Services?

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    Should You Get Facebook App Development Services?

    Social media is a sensation that has surpassed all expectations. No matter where you go, you can always find people logging into social media for a number of reasons. Out of these, Facebook holds a particularly important place in the market as it is the originator of social media as we understand it today. That is why many companies choose to develop dedicated Facebook apps for their business and tap into the near-limitless resource that this channel has to offer.

    With that said, there are a number of considerations that you need to make when thinking of taking up Facebook app development services. The first among these is how big a market can you tap into by having a dedicated Facebook app? Second, what is the popularity of such apps on Facebook at present? Third, how will the app be used to access potential clients? Fourth, what is the expect ROI in the short and long-run? And the list goes on…

    Facebook App Development Services

    Once these considerations have been addressed appropriately, any company can choose to take up professional Facebook app development services. But if you are in two minds on whether to go for these services, then we canhelp you arrive at a decision. Read through the following advantages you get from having a dedicated Facebook app:

    1. Greater Outreach and Engagement

    While social media is certainly great for use on the free circuit, the benefits of investing a little money to get great returns cannot be denied. In the past, many companies have come up with dedicated Facebook apps that have allowed them to create a commanding presence within their niche. This has also helped them expand the scope of their products and services.

    The fundamental premise of having a Facebook app is to provide a unique user experience to clients. This is something that is simply not available through a generic business page. That is why companies who take their social media optimization (SMO) seriously tend to go for Facebook app development services because they know the benefit it will inevitably bring.

    At the same time, when a company has a dedicated Facebook app, it naturally comes off as a large concern and also enjoys a greater degree of trust and reputation within its target domain. Obviously, this is something that enables companies to take risks and do innovative things that others simply will not be able to do.

    2. More Traffic on The Company Website

    The core idea behind using social media is to drive traffic to the company website. This can also be supported by dedicated apps on Android and iOS. When you build your brand reputation through dedicated Facebook apps, you are doing much more than marketing. You are in fact building a relationship with clients and binding them together to form a community.

    Also, the sheer number of ways in which these apps can be used is staggering. Literally, all forms of marketing can be done through Facebook apps and these will indirectly benefit your business. With engagement and traffic, the customer retention rate will also increase.

    Naturally, this is of great importance and if a company is able to bank on a certain number of people being loyal to its brand name and presence, then the company can take certain risks. If they pay off, then the company stands to gain much more economically than it originally could.

    3. Enhances Market Capture Potential

    As internet facilities rise all around the world, the scope for online marketing is going to improve drastically. Whether people use ecommerce or not, it is a certainty that they are going to use social media. Also, the majority of Facebook users are from the younger generations. For companies targeting this niche, there is immense profit to be made from having dedicated Facebook apps. With the right kind of marketing and promotion, the app can also go viral and edge competitors out of the race.

    So, a Facebook app can be used in a variety of ways. It can be most effectively described as a launchpad for international business outreach. As more people get to hear of the app, they are likely to come and check it out. Provided these new customers can be enticed into buying products or services and are given a solid user experience, they are very likely to turn into loyal customers.

    4. Exemplifies the Personal Touch

    Every customer wants to be treated like a king or a queen. With Facebook apps, this is very possible and can be done with a high degree of effectiveness. While some companies try to adopt an elitist approach, true profit for most businesses lies in economies of scale. In other words, Rolex has its brand standing but you can give it competition in terms of number and enjoy the same profit margins if you play your cards right.

    What is so great about Facebook apps is that they make every user think that they have a piece of the company. So, they are a valued customer who can rely on the company to deliver high-quality products or services and also take part in the brand awareness of the enterprise. This can be incentivized by the company and turned into a lead generating avenue on its own.

    As you can see, taking up Facebook application development services yield a large array of benefits to companies. However, the condition is that your app must be above par and create a unique image for itself.

    Where Should You Go for Quality Facebook App Development Services?

    Among the most proficient companies in the Facebook app development domain is 6ixwebsoft. The company has been at the forefront of the industry for many years and offers the services of industry veterans at a reasonable price.

    This not only ensures quality but also offers an immense opportunity for customization. So, you can expand or reduce your app as per your preference and pay a price that justifies the development. At the same time, the intense market research done to create the app itself guarantees success.

    If you are looking for quality Facebook app development services, then 6ixwebsoft is at the top of the list of companies that can provide you with that. Contact us today and extract the maximum benefit from social media possible!

    How to Get the Best Digital Marketing Services?

    Digital marketing is a modern-day necessity for any business with an online presence. With the stellar rise in internet facilities around the world, there is no shortage of opportunity. However, this also means that there is no lack of competition.

    How to Get the Best Digital Marketing Services

    Why is Digital Marketing Important for Success?

    If you have a look at any online industry, you will find that the industry leaders got to their position by using surgical digital marketing tactics. Also, they maintain their position by promoting their business through every channel that can benefit them directly. Some even tap into digital marketing channels that do not directly yield a profit.

    What Should Be Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

    How you choose to do your digital marketing is, of course, your personal choice. However, if you are a prudent investor, as you should be, then you will realize that it is best to focus on certain portions of the digital marketing industry rather than all of them simultaneously.

    Also, you will have to consider what kind of value you can derive from them and how much time is it going to take for you to start seeing clear results. In short, you need a digital marketing plan. This is a particularly challenging thing for small businesses and they often stumble a lot before finding their feet. So, we decided to write this post to help solopreneurs and small business owners out.

    How to Create Your Own Digital Marketing Plan?

    The first thing you should do in order to make an effective digital marketing plan is to find out the most popular means of doing so. Broadly speaking, the most important aspects of digital marketing are SEO, SMO,and PPC. If you don’t know what these are, then SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, SMO is Social Media Optimization and PPC is Pay-per-Click.

    Each of these digital marketing tactics has their own set of benefits and thus, has a unique standing in the domain. The best thing to do is to find out where your target audience is most likely to take notice of you. Further, you need to analyze who are the top players in the market and what are their digital marketing strategies. While it is wise in some senses to follow the leaders, it will not make you stand out. So, you need to develop your own unique approach to digital marketing to make it truly rewarding. So, let us break down the development of a digital marketing plan.


    This is the most research-intensive part of the entire process. You are basically going to build your own digital marketing plan and will have to devote a lot of time evaluating the stats relating to them. Also, you will need to undertake particular case studies to understand how the market responds to different marketing techniques, what combination of methods should you use for your particular niche and how soon can you expect to see a fair return on your investment.

    Conceptualizing a digital marketing plan is particularly hard since there are so many variables at play. While you might think that this will save you a lot of money, this is an incorrect idea mainly because you will be spending countless hours trying to get the best digital marketing strategy refined to suit your particular needs and budget. This is not going to give you much time to focus on other areas of the business. Besides, there is immense value in letting people do things for you and then compensating them for their effort. However, you should still remain involved as a smart entrepreneur will be able to pick up essentials of the domain effectively and then cut costs in the longer run.


    Once you have completed the digital marketing plan, you need to deploy it effectively. For this, you are going to need a superb understanding of particular niches within the digital marketing industry. For example, SEO is one of the most complex aspects of digital marketing. The idea is pretty straightforward. You use specific keywords that pertain to your services or products and then Google will crawl over them and assign your website a particular rank. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to get increased business.

    SMO works quite differently from SEO although it has the same principle behind it. The fundamental idea is to target the social media sectors where your potential clients might be frequenting. Further, how can you target your clients better than your competitors and what would be the time taken to see the return? While the idea is certainly good, it is effective only when done by professionals who know how to provide the right mix of multimedia to entice customers.

    Now, while SEO and SMO are both advertising and brand building in some ways. PPC is all about advertising. It is concerned with getting people to visit your website and thus, give you their business. The benefit with PPC is that you only pay when your ad gets clicked. However, this is no way means guaranteed business. So, again, you need someone who can specialize in this area and ensure maximum exposure and eventually, business prospects.

    Review and Recalibration

    While developing a detailed digital marketing plan is one thing, deploying and then reviewing its success is a different ballgame entirely. This is where the digital marketing experience of any professional really makes a difference. If you invest in the right tools, whether paid or free, then you will certainly have access to a healthy amount of info on your digital marketing plan’s performance. But knowing what to do with it and how it should alter your future digital marketing plans is something rather complex.

    So, you will have to take on a lot of work to understand how to refine your results and make your digital marketing drive yield the kind of results that would be beneficial for your business. As you can see, digital marketing services are incredibly complex for someone who does not know the minute details of the process. And as they say, the devil is in the details. So, rather than soloing your business, you need to find a reliable digital marketing service provider who can deliver the kind of value you want.

    Where Can You Find the Most Professional Digital Marketing Services?

    In terms of digital marketing with an international outlook, there are few companies that can match the caliber of 6ixwebsoft. Providing a host of digital marketing options along with customized plans for rewarding drives, they are among the most efficient as well as proficient companies in this industry. If you are looking for high-quality digital marketing services, then 6ixwebsoft should be your first consideration. Give your enterprise the professional talent that will take it sky high. Contact 6ixwebsoft today!

    Benefits of AMP Pages

    AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a Google backed project that’s intension is to help websites open fast in mobile devices even it has rich contents like Infographics, Audio & Video files and PDFs. It was announced in 2015 with supports from Google, WordPress, Twiter and several other companies and publishers.

    How AMP can help your Business Website?

    Faster loading pages on Mobile Devices
    – It’s no surprise that AMP pages help websites open too fast. In a recent survey, It is clear that an average mobile user abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So if a business website is using AMP technology, The average load time can be reduced up to 85%.

    Improved Search Engine Ranking – We don’t know exactly that Google uses AMP as a ranking factor or not but it is quite clear that if a website is using AMP, The pages will obviously open faster in mobile devices that will boost SEO of that website.

    Improved CTR – The Search Results in Google clearly display AMP symbols in green for the websites that comply with AMP technology. Users know it that these types of websites open faster so they will prefer to go with these websites only. Not only this, Google also started showing AMP content that includes large images.

    Support for Ads – AMP can be very helpful for website owners who want to increase their revenue by showing different ads. It supports a wide range of ad networks and technologies to provide an improved user experience by displaying good ads.

    Improves Server Performance – If your website has tons of visitors on daily basis, it will be a good choice to go for AMP services because AMP will reduce the load on your server and improve the overall performance.

    Are You looking to get helped regarding AMP? 6ixwebsoft Technology can be the bread and butter for your every need related to website designing, web development and Digital Marketing. Choose free to reach us any time and we will get back to you ASAP.

    Branding Company in Atlanta

    Branding services help establish your identity as a leader and convey a real and positive message to your targeted customers. 6ixwebsoft Technology helps brands to differentiate themselves from a list of competitors and to develop emotional relationships with the targeted audiences.  We achieve this by providing top-notch web design and digital marketing services.

    Our Services will include:

    • Logo Design, Corporate Identity, and Business Cards– Your logo is the first impression of your business. In the competitive world where second chances rarely occur, what does your logo say about your Business? Let us review your logo, Corporate Identity, and Business Cards and give you accurate suggestions for building a better
    • Website Design– An SEO optimized yet eye catchy website builds online reputation well. A website is the marketplace of your Business; it should look professional and up to the mark. 6ixwebsoft Technology can audit your website and guide you to perform required steps for best possible results.
    • Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization is one of the most important Digital Marketing activities to target organic visitors from search engines. Because of increasing number of Internet users, it is vital for every Business to have a good presence in search engines. SEO assures to get maximum visibility and the best part is the results remain for a longer
    • Social Media Optimization– In the days of Digital World, everyone is using social media sites. We can make your website presence good over social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. Our SMO services help businesses build a good reputation over top social media sites.
    • Pay per Click– If your website will get the maximum impression, it will be very beneficial in branding services. Through PPC services, we will start “Display Area Network” ads for your business that will help your business build as a brand.
    • Content Development– Content is required everywhere including posters, template, website designing and some other places. But the major benefits of content is from article posting. When you write an article that helps people to shootout their troubles, then they will start believing on your words and this creates a positive impression of your website on their mind. Additionally, Google appreciates the well-written texts and articles.
    • Online Reputation Management – Reputation Management is crucial for branding a Company. We silently watch your online reputation and conceal negative reviews, to make your image positive and faithful.
    • Comprehensive Research – It is important for us to comprehensively analyze your business, and comprehend current standing in the market. We plan and create a blueprint of all the works that has to done and things that should avoid.
    • Precise Audience Target – We introduce your business to your potential customers and draw a positive impression for them. Moreover, we improve your visibility among them and keep them updated with latest products and services.

    Connect to know more about best branding company and marketing service provider in the USA.

    Top free WordPress Plugins in 2017

    Websites: nowadays it is more than an institution and larger than a shopping mall; this article is for those who are looking for an affordable and professional website. Whenever one talk about the best but the cheap website, then WordPress has the crown; it is free, robust and scalable. Well, you may come up with the notion that others like Joomla and Drupal are also free. Yes! They are free, but building a website is not all about getting a CMS, you need other things too: WordPress has a number of free plugins and themes. If you need a professional website but your hands are tight, then don’t worry you can develop a pretty effective website using WordPress.


    Moreover, WordPress websites are user-friendly. Whether it is a lady sharing her cooking tips from her kitchens or a guy handling garage; they can manage their WordPress website right from their place without any programming skills. Yes! And the thank goes to plugins. It facilitates us to do that critical stuff that was done through lengthy coding scripts. Suppose you need a contact us box in your website, for this a developer had to write a script to contact us, but now you have plugins then you can easily add contact box on your website by simply installing plugins.

    These are essential and luckily free WordPress plugins to enhance your website:

    • Yoast SEO: Search engine optimization is a crucial concern for professional website or blog. Yoast is a robust plugIn that makes your website as SEO-friendly as possible. The plugin allows writing appropriate page title, Meta description, and heading. It also analyzes the website’s pages and keywords mentioned. It is a complete package that takes care your all on-page SEO needs.
    • W3 total cache: Both search engines and Google love fast loading websites. W3 total cache remarkable makes your website fast.
    • Contact Form 7: When you need reliable contact box, then opt for contact form 7. It comes in various designs and formats.
    • Backup Buddy: Backup is essential for every website, it create regular WordPress backup. You can schedule your backup frequency; it can be daily, weekly or monthly. Moreover, it stores your backup in Dropbox and other cloud storages.
    • Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin: Page redirect plugin facilitates to manage 301 redirections and 404-error tracking. Additionally, it offers other advanced features to keep track of loose ends on your website like broken links etc.
    • MailChimp: A newsletter plugin allows you to send out the email campaign to your potential customers. It is free up to 2000 subscribers, which is pretty enough for small business websites.
    • Simple Share Buttons Adder: It does as it sounds – adds simple share buttons on your page. It is important for websites to have rich social media connection.
    • All in One Rich Snippets: The click rate of your website increases when you represent your website more attractively. All in one rich snippets demonstrate short and precise summary of your website on search engines page.
    • TablePress: The plugin allows you to create and manage stunning tables. This is the finest table plugins for WordPress. You can edit or create tables as a spreadsheet, there is not any coding required.
    • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: YARPP is essential for bloggers, as it lists other related content on the page, which engage the readers on your page and create a channel to other pages.

    Choose 6ixwebsoft Technology for the affordable and effective website. We are leading Website Development, Designing, and Marketing Company in the USA.

    7 Important SEO Ranking Factors 2017

    As Google and other search engine’s algorithm is changing, we can’t rely on yesterday’s ranking factors. New and updated ranking factors have already been a cause of concern for SEO specialists.

    Although it is almost impossible to figure out Google algorithms completely but to understand important ranking factors, it is vital to understand these 7 ranking factors of Google and other search engines.


    Content – “Content is King and it will be”. You need to have quality content on your website. Say no to duplicate contents and write articles in depth in order to serve users in the best way.  To drive maximum traffic, you should keep your website updated with new and unique posts.

    On-Page SEO – Having great content is not enough if your website is not on-page optimized. There are many On-Page SEO activities and you need to optimize your website in a good way for great results. Some of important activities include – Local Optimization, Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Alt tags, URL optimization, Interlinking , W3 validation and more.

    Backlinks – Google values a number of quality backlinks as important ranking factors. Backlinks from  high authority websites help websites achieve top rankings in SERP. You should try to get do-follow backlinks from thematic websites having good DA/PA.

    Responsive website with good user experience – After Mobilegeddon update, it is almost mandatory to have responsive websites to drive maximum traffic on a website. For great user experience, Google prefers mobile friendly websites because of increasing number of mobile phone users.

    Site speed should be good –  In the same manner as Google prefer to give importance to responsive websites for better user experience, fast loading websites are preferred. If a website loads slow, there will be higher bounce rate, that will be caused poor performance in search engine ranking results.

    Social Media presence is important – Your website needs to have good presence over social media. You can create profile/pages over top social media sites and make them updated with unique content and posts.

    Other Important Ranking  Factors – Google considers above 200 points as ranking factors. Above mentioned points are really important but you should remember some other ranking factors including – Domain factors,  Keyword density, Heading Tags, broken Links, Alt tags, sitemap, Webmaster tools, good navigation, Click Through Ratio – CTR, Bounce Rates, Location of server, Chrome Bookmarks, SSL certificate, number of social shares and reviews and feedback .

    What are Toxic Backlinks and how to remove them?

    Before the Google penguin update,  the more number of backlinks a website had, there was higher chance to rank at better positions. At that time, number of backlinks couldn’t harm a website.

    After Google Penguin update, things changed suddenly as websites with spammy backlinks started getting Penalized. In the days, it’s not about building so many backlinks but it’s the time to have quality backlinks only.

    What are the Toxic Backlinks ?

    Toxic Backlinks

    Backlinks are necessary to get high positions in search engines but not every backlink is created equal. The Unnatural links often term as Toxic backlinks are of low quality backinks that can harm your website. Toxic backlinks may help sites get top positions but they are not good for long term.  If Google and other search engines find that some of your links are not relevant to your website, these links are categorized as “Toxic backlinks” and search engines take necessary steps.

    How do I know If my website has Toxic backlinks?

    There are many ways to know about irrelevant backlinks created for your website. The following ways can help you know if your website has low quality backlinks –

    • You simply know because you created them
    • You get a warning notification from Google
    • You notice a sudden drop in Traffic
    • By seeing a list of backlinks from Google webmaster tools

    Method to remove Backlinks from a website

    When you know that your website has some toxic backlinks, the next step should be the cleanup process.  It is vital for your website to remove irrelevant backlinks in  order to get top positions and better traffic.  Below are some of the process to fix “Toxic Backlinks” from any website –

    • The simplest way to delete irrelevant backlink is to know from where these links are coming. You can get the links deleted by simply logging into the account.
    • If you don’t have credential to log in and remove your listings, You can humbly request site owner to do so.
    • If any of above steps don’t work for you, you can take the help of Google’s disavow tool to simply remove the backlinks from your website.

    When you do the job to remove Toxic backlinks from your website, you should file a reconsideration request with Google. Do remember that Google may take around 2-3 weeks to respond to your submission.

    Final Words

    If your website is suffering from Toxic backlinks, you should follow the above steps to get rid from irrelevant links. Be remember not to practice any black hat SEO in future. Go ahead and improve SEO of your website now. All the best 🙂

    Website Promotion Company Atlanta, USA

    Website promotion is nothing but “Digital Marketing” which is an effective process to promote products and services over Internet. There is no real benefit of a website if it’s not getting traffic from search engines and social media platforms. It’s important for every business website to have good online presence in order to get maximum impressions and visits. SEO, PPC, SMO and Blogging are some of the top Internet Marketing techniques you can use to run your website promotion campaigns.


    In website promotion services, we put all efforts to provide maximum calls and leads to your Atlanta based businesses. Whether you own a large corporation or small business, our dedicated team will take the responsibly to provide online presence of your website beyond your expectations.

    Our web promotion services include

    • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)Search Engine Optimization is an evergreen process of Internet Marketing to target visitors from organic search results. On-Page & Off-Page are the part of It. In On-Page SEO, Professionals make changes on website to make it search engine friendly. Off-Page SEO includes process to promote your website on third party websites. One needs to follow white hat SEO techniques for getting safe and log lasting results.
    • Social Media Optimization Services (SMO)Social Media Optimization is the process to get calls and leads from social media profiles and pages. Whether you are in Florida and other parts of USA, People are using Social Media like never before. Our SMO activities help business gets calls and conversion from top social media sites.
    • Pay Per Click Services (PPC)Pay Per Click is the method of Internet Marketing to get maximum leads in fastest way. We are a team of Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified individuals who can run any PPC campaign in cost effective ways.
    • Blog Writing & Blog Posting – Blog writing is among safest methods to promote a website for getting so many organic visitors. We are a group of content writers and Bloggers who write and publish blog posts to get so many search queries.
    • Email Marketing – Email Marketing includes process to create a list of emailsand to send them with effective templates. Doing this can increase leads and sales to your business website.
    • Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Online Reputation Management is an important process to build good feedback of your business across Internet. Whether its Google Maps or Yelp business listing, negative reviews can spoil your business.  We help business websites get so many positive reviews from real people.

    Come to us and be sure to get finest Digital Marketing solutions. Being a top rated Digital Marketing company in USA, we know right steps to perform for providing complete solutions related to your “Internet Marketing” needs.

    Advantages of Hiring a Professional Digital Marketing Service in the USA

    Hiring a professional digital marketing service in the USA can be gained a lot more than one usually thinks; it opens up novel vistas for doing business online. A digital marketing company manages all your business’ web presence and develops an effective campaign to maximize your sales leads. Although the process of digital marketing has been changing since its inception, the contemporary one gives priority to SEO, SMO, PPC and others. However, one thing that remained and will remain same – the notions. Below points read the benefits that you get from a professional digital marketing company:

    Comprehensive project analysis:

    The comprehensive analysis of your project allows the professional digital marketers to assemble a customize strategy, of which result is more fruitful. The analysis includes your current standing among your potential customers and then a plan is implemented that gives maximum benefits. When they identify your business goal, they come up with strategies that not only improve your online presence but also manage your reputation among your customers.

    Measurable Results:

    From the very beginning to the current time, a professional digital marketing company keeps you updated with the results that you are getting by their services. This not only allows you watch over the campaign but you can also suggest them your preferences. The result report also maintains the transparency of their services and the changes that you have to enhance the future results.

    Technology and Expertise:

    Being an expert in their field, a professional digital marketer assures for positive results that worth each penny you pay. Advanced technology coupled with top-notch professionals holds the key to creating a successful digital marketing campaign. For example, the profession will do a test on your website to evaluate whether or not your website is capable of supporting the campaign and able to convert the visitors into your customers.

    Reach to the target audience:

    What benefits you’ll get if you’re serving your services to the people in New York and your digital marketing campaign is introducing your business somewhere in Paris? It is crucial the campaign targets the potential customers. Professional digital marketers precisely target those people who can easily buy your products or services; therefore, you’ll get result-oriented services than just to have trivial accomplishments.

    Better Return on Investments:

    The prices you pay for digital marketing services are always in tandem with the assistance you get. A business is all about getting a higher return on investments, so a businessperson has to opt for those strategies that give him/her better ROI. Usually, digital marketing company offers different packages that are planned concerning every level of affordability, or you can simply opt for those services that are required without investing in useless assistance.

    If you are looking for a professional digital marketing company in the USA, then get a free quote from us. Being ISO 9001 certified brand for digital marketing, 6ixwebsoft Technology not only offers reliable and result-oriented digital marketing services but also maintain privacy so that you can completely rely on us for a better business relationship.

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