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LSI Keywords

  • LSI Keywords

    A search engine is a medium which enables users to search information on web. Whatever query is entered in a search engine a list of relevant websites appear based on keywords present in the content.

    This was the method used by Google, most popular search engine, to determine the relevancy of an article. But basing the search on only keywords may not result in good content web page. In past writers cram pages full with hundreds of keywords and no fruitful content. As a result search engines are now using crawlers who look for common words or phrases related with the main keywords. These are known as LSI keywords.

    What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

    Latent semantic indexing is a retrieval method which looks for patterns of word distribution in different documents and indexed them as per relevancy for crawlers to determine what the content is all about. It helps crawlers in understanding user search habits and provides users with best and most relevant quality content for the search queries. For example if the keyword is laptop then LSI keywords would be Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, Desktop, Tablets, Price, Model, Bags, comparison etc.

    Latent Semantic Analysis assumes that words that are close in meaning will occur in similar pieces of text. Using exact keywords to search the query does not gives accurate results thus analyzing the search query and using different words related to the main keyword provides better results and also helps keeping out the spammers.

    Contrary to popular belief, these are not just synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning. These can be brand names or the current demands in the market. LSI keywords change all the time based on the current trends.

    How to find LSI Keywords?

    If you are a content writer then you need to know about LSI keywords and incorporate them in your article. This does not mean you should not maintain keyword density. Try to incorporate keywords and LSI Keywords in your content to make it search engine relevant. There are several tools available in the market for searching LSI keywords but the best one is Google itself.

    When you enter any query in Google it shows highlighted words and related searches so as you get the idea which words are used by Google for searching your query. Searches related to the query, mentioned at the end of the page, give you the idea about LSI keywords. If you want LSI keywords for phone then enter phone in search query and Google will show you the result as below
    You can also type a keyword without pressing enter key Google would show related search words list.
    Google Adwords Tool also known as Keyword Planner Tool is also very useful in finding LSI keywords. Search for any keyword and it shows keyword ideas at the end.

    How LSI keywords can help with SEO

    Replace keywords with LSI words as it will decrease your keyword density which will increase chances of Google picking up your content and increased page views. Always keep keyword density within 1-3%.

    Use LSI keywords to strengthen your ads. Repeat keywords in ad campaign make it less noticeable.

    Keeping your site indexed by Google is only way to be found in search and increase more traffic to your website. This is can be done with LSI and it also reduces your chances of being penalized by Google.

    Use of LSI keywords in Meta description also helps in gaining attention of Google and making your page more recognizable.

    Tips while using LSI

    Inserting LSI keywords without any strategy, just to fill up content is never good. It looks manipulative and spam.

    Choose the right keywords using Google and then use these words in title, heading or as a question but stay away from over optimization.

    Insert keywords in such a way that they appear completely natural and relevant to your content.
    Write quality content without worrying too much about keywords and you would automatically end up with these keywords in the finished article.

    With the help of Google Webmaster Tools you can see issues and the keywords your content is ranked for.

    Above of all avoid repetition of same keyword over and over. Using LSI keywords is good but excess use and sole focus on keyword is never recommended.

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