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  • How to Use Progressive Web Applications for Ecommerce

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    Progressive web applications are the new buzzword in the online web development market. These are nifty little websites which basically work just like any web application even without a strong and active connection. This makes PWA the first choice for companies which want to target customer bases which have lower internet connectivity. But that is not the only market niche you can use PWAs for. There are many other kinds of markets where PWAs might be used profitably.

    Now, you might be wondering that with the growing potential speed on internet access worldwide, how to PWAs benefit business? The answer to that is very simple. PWAs perform much better overall than standard applications in the market today. They have better performances by default and load times are particularly swift. There are plenty of other reasons for getting progressive web applications for ecommerce. The following are the 5 major benefits of this technology:

    5 Advantages of Progressive Web Application Which Can Help Boost Your Business Conversion

     Performance Optimization

    PWAs have a much leaner code running in the background. The integrated design and functionality translates to better overall performances on internet-enabled devices. We all know that bounce rates are a major factor in web-based business optimization. With progressive web applications, the overall conversion and customer retention rate increases considerably because of the consistent performance.

    No Installation

    Another major benefit of PWAs is that there is no need to install them. So, when you are targetting Android or iOS users, you will not need to be on the Play Store to be downloaded. The potential downloader can simply get the app from your website and place it on their device. This also allows for more customization options for owners as they can tweak the performance to be better than others.

    Also Read: Study of Progressive Web App (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and their differences

    No App Store Requirements

    While many people this the iOS store and Google PlayStore are great places, they do have their own drawbacks. For example, issuing regular updates is a time consuming process as it requires multiple approvals from the platform owners. Now, with PWAs you can simply get an update completed and then send it out to your subscribers. This means there is no need for a delay and you can save some money as well on creating the launch.

    Hardware Functionality

    Push notifications are a major part of online marketing, especially for ecommerce companies. Push notifications are an added bonus with PWAs because they can be implemented even without any connectivity. Rather than restricting the push notifications to emails only, companies can also use their PWAs to give information to clients. This will help them in making more overall conversions and getting more marketing conversions.

    Offline Features

    Most mobile applications are not able to render their storefronts when there is no internet connectivity. This means that the customer has to wait until they have internet access to browse the features. Now, with PWAs this wait does not need to happen since these applications work offline as well. Not all features on PWAs are going to work offline but there can be some functionalities which can implemented. This enables the customers to get some preliminary information which they can base their later decisions on.

    Where Can You Get the Best Progressive Web Applications for Your Business?

    6ixwebsoft is one of the best web development companies in the market. We offer the best progressive web applications are the best option for ecommerce companies as well as other businesses. But they need to be developed in the best way using the right technology. Choosing this technology and making it work for you is at the core of choosing the right PWAs. This is not something that every company can do for you. But we have ample experience in this arena.

    With 6ixwebsoft, you can get the most value from your website applications. We will keep your website looking pristine and functioning perfectly within the budget you have. Our professional PWA developers will give you the perfect application and ensure your company has the ideal web platform. If you want to have the best progressive web application, then 6ixwebsoft is the best company for the job. Contact us now!

    How to Use Progressive Web Applications for Ecommerce


    6ixwebsoft is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company with a long and illustrious history of stellar success.


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