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  • Study of Progressive Web App (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and their differences

    AMPs are known as the registered papers of developed, which is an open source project to provide help to other websites in loading their binary data in fast speed and accurately in accessing mobile phones. The abbreviation AMP has been used for Accelerated Mobile Pages. According to the recent reports, it has been noted that this coding has been used by News websites and e-commerce website in relation to showcasing their content of news and products respectively. Under this, the pages are aligned structured and include elements like images. They are usually shown off-screen and cannot be downloaded until and unless the user has viewed them. There is no doubt that the loading page limit becomes fast but it also results in degrading the user experience along with unpopularity of the website and low conversion rates.

    Progressive Web App (PWA)
    A Progressive Web App usually looks like a general Mobile Application. This also known as Web Apps and Website Page. It also helps the users to again visit the website with the help of the features like Push Notifications, Rich Offline Experiences, and Periodic Background Syncs. If you are looking forward to making your website loading speed fast, then PWA can be an effective option as it can help in filling the empty spaces produced with AMP results. For now, only big companies and agencies have taken this into use.

    There are mainly three attributes that make PWA a far way different from AMP:
    1. The accessing and operating power of PWAs is faster than AMPs.
    2. A great piece of information can be attained through PWAs, while AMPs cut-short the content in order to make an improvement in the conversion rate.
    3. PWAs offer a high commitment, while AMPs lack this aspect.

    However, it is not declared that PWA should be given the most preference over AMP. AMP also has a great number of merits, if compared to PWA.

    Let’s study about the differences between AMP and PWA
    AMP and PWA are known to be the best invention ever. With the help of these, we have become capable of making the website loading speed a far much better and fast than before. The time has come when you can bid a goodbye to a slower version of the loading.

    In the fast-paced technological world, people want things to be fast in every manner. But still, some people show a great patience on the desktop while the website takes time in the loading. The same thing cannot be done on mobile phones. Waiting for a website to load on the mobile phones is not a way to live for almost everyone. To bring a great user experience, AMP and PWA have been a great assistance for all.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    An open source medium that has helped in marking an improvement in the loading speed of the web pages is a feature called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). A great experience for users on the website has been generated through this approved feature by Google.

    This feature consists of very less content than any general website or App. It is considered the best way to present messages in the shortest and precise manner at the earliest.

    Merits of AMP
    • Loading speed of the website and its pages become fast.
    • Provide assistance to all the current formats of ads.
    • A great enhancement can be seen in the engagement of the visitors.
    • A website gets load 4 times faster than the others who are not made in AMP.
    • Formerly used for the news posting purpose, but today it has taken place in a variety of content posting.
    • The website publishers are given a full access on the business and visual design.

    Working process of AMP
    By excluding all the unwanted JavaScript and making all the pages well-structured in static terms, AMP ensures a fast loading speed for the website.
    1. An AMP template is created according to the content need to be posted.
    2. Use a rel=’’amphtml” tag on the non-AMP version of the intended content.
    3. With a canonical tag, AMP version directs to the non-AMP version.

    The attributes which exemplify PWA in a grand manner:
    1. Make an enhancement progressively for the users.
    2. Accessible in an Offline Network.
    3. Responsive web design.
    4. Give a look like a Mobile App by using App Shell Model.
    5. Make available with a fresh exhibition along with its Rich Offline Experiences, Periodic Background Syncs and Push Notifications.
    6. PWA is regarded as Search Engine Results (SERPs) Friendly.
    7. Directly Apps can be added on the Home screen without making an access to App Store.

    Merits of PWA
    • A great loading speed of the website and pages.
    • Make improvement in the conversion rate.
    • Within one second, users can scroll 60 frames.
    • Take no URL bar to get an access to the full screen.
    • With the help of push notifications, gets engaged with the users.
    • Permit unwrinkled animations and navigations.
    • Users can easily reach the website through home screen icon on the device.
    • Can easily be run on weak networks.

    Favorable factors of AMP
    • Provide a great boost to the speed and takes very less time to load.
    • Allow a great improvement in the keyword rankings in mobile devices.
    • Enhance the performance and lowers the server load.
    • A great support to the website.
    • Best to be used for publisher niche websites.

    Unfavorable factors of AMP
    • No user activity can be tracked on AMP pages.
    • Not e-commerce website friendly.
    • No enhancement can be made for search engine ranking.
    • Works on the basis of cache.

    Favorable factors of PWA
    • There is no need to install an application.
    • Does not demand to have an access to App Store.
    • Automatically gets updated.
    • E-commerce website friendly.

    Unfavorable factors of PWA
    • So many platform limitations that drive to re-engagement issues.

    AMP or PWA? Which one is better?
    The differences have already been explained above in respect to their advantages, disadvantages, and working process. But both the features go hand-in-hand. Is your website HTTPS? If yes, then there is a need to have the assistance of both the technologies for ensuring a great user experience.

    One can easily reach the content instantly with the help of AMP. While on the other hand, PWA ensures a great user experience and keep them engaged with the website. Both AMP and PWA are used for the website development effectively. With so many people around, the visit to the websites also gets increased. Every individual seeks to have a fast website loading speed and that is where AMP plays a major role to render the same. According to the researches made, it has been found that approximately 92% of the users leave the website if it takes a long span of time to get loaded.

    PWA has grabbed a very essential place in today’s era. To make PWAs work easily and smoothly across all the modern browsers, standard progressive enhancement techniques are put into use. The need for paying to each browser gets cut and a vast improvement can be marked in terms of traffic, leads, and conversions. HTTPS is used by PWA for a support to embark a safe connection between site and users. Security plays a major role on the website as it is very important to build trust in visitors or consumers. The notifications can still be sent whether the page is closed or there is no internet access.

    A major difference that has been observed between AMP and PWA is that PWA has a notification facility. It also saves the website from unnecessary content, ads, and viruses. Mostly new invented technologies are given assistance in HTTPS only. Push notifications feature has helped people in getting information in a short and precise manner regarding any new update, product, or services offered by the companies. It has been shown by the reports that 74% more time is spent on PWAs and 82% of conversion rate has been noted in iOS and 104% in the remaining browsers.

    Google is consistently giving more importance to AMP. A new visual content was launched recently known as Snapchat. It has been made in AMP and has great similarities with stories feature of Snapchat.

    Study of Progressive Web App (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and their differences


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