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  • Increase your Sales Using Advanced Audience Targeting with PPC

    To ensure a real and potential connectivity in all the digital channels, audiences perform as a dotted line connecting them all! A lot of improvement can be seen within a campaign with the help of audiences. They also help in dominating the approaches in other campaigns and channels. Through PPC campaigning, we can collect data about the interest and engagement of the audience with the brand.

    Perform audience search

    It is very important to understand the nature and interest of the audience. What people like the most to purchase or inquire about? These questions seem simple but difficult to operate. By choosing a relevant keyword only cannot help a business to grow in terms of conversion sales. Nowadays, the advanced technology and new ways have cropped up to increase the sales using advanced audience targeting with Pay Per Click campaign. The advertisers can simply know about their relevant customers and bid depending on a few criteria such as Location, Type of device, and Time. If you are considering these three aspects to target your audience, then there is nothing that could stop you from having an amazing PPC.  

    There are a few questions that need to be asked to yourself before optimizing a PPC campaign.

    • Is the made search influencing the likelihood of conversion as per the location of the audience?
    • Which device is getting used the most – A mobile or a desktop?
    • Is your spent money worthy in the evening in comparison to the morning time?

    By answering all these questions to yourself, you will easily become capable of managing your money spending.

    For an instance, suppose yourself as a retailer on the street stores with an e-commerce site within, then targeting the audience becomes a matter of consideration on a serious note.

    If you have a store and someone is searching for you on their phone at a short distance, then they deserve a worthy bidding. Ask them to visit the store in human as there are chances that a customer will buy more physically than being virtually engaged with your website. In the other case, if your store has been closed for the day and the visitor is sitting on his laptop or desktop at home, then put your bidding to lower and ask them to be at the e-commerce site.

    As a businessman, it is essential for you to understand the difference in the value of each search and bidding accordingly.

    Your bids can be modified according to Age and Gender of the searcher. If you have a single motive of targeting only younger males, then bid more for them. Lower the bids if the searchers show they are females or older people. In this way, you can reach your targeted audience easily.

    Exhibit audiences

    There is a lot of money that is spent on Google search ads on every single day. But are you sure that people spend that much of time on your website? Majority of the people don’t! Many options are available for the targeting purpose. To give a start to your plan, use relevant keywords and placements. In the next step, start bidding on the basis of demographics.

    For example: If you want to advertise a new baby cloth piece, then it can be shown as a female carrying a baby with that new cloth piece on the baby’s body. This image can be used wisely on the websites related to babies with an incorporation of relevant keywords.

    Life Events

    This is one of the types of targeting. In this type of advertising, people are made aware of the events that are about to happen or have taken place in their lives such as completed graduation from college, getting married, and moving a house. You must be wondering that these are just three options to choose from but don’t forget that big industries surround each one of them.

    Remarketing audiences

    After completing all these aspects of targeting your audience, people will start visiting your site but still, there would be many who will not perform in the way you want them to. According to the statistical researches, it has been observed that 90% of the people leave the website without converting, 70% of the people left the shopping cart without making any purchasing, and only 2 to 3 visits are performed prior to crossing the line. To bring synchronization in the remarketing strategy, there is a need to prepare comprehensive approaches to bring back the customers to your site for making an increment in the conversion rates.

    Customer match

    If you are available with the prospects and customers to whom you want to advertise, to ensure a repeat purchase or engage new people to make a purchase for the first time; then there comes the need of using customer match to make a conversation with these audiences.

    Similar Audiences

    To ensure a grand remarketing, there is a need to be great in every aspect. You can have a huge traffic on your site if your remarking lists are performing strongly through similar audiences.

    Execute your audience approaches

    If you are not sure where to start and what to start with, then take a deep look in your Analytics data. Trace out the types of people who often visit your website and result in a conversion. Look out where they stay; what devices they put into use; and at what time of the day or week you have attained the highest conversions.

    Use all those themes in your search and get to know about their domain of interest lies and what’s that one thing they feel passionate about is. Once the customer visits your website, show them your variety of offers and make them your permanent and reliable customers for the lifetime. These strategies will definitely make your campaign a strong and appropriate one. Adapt these methods and approaches and mark a great boost in your sales by targeting the right audience at the right time.

    Increase your Sales Using Advanced Audience Targeting with PPC


    6ixwebsoft is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company with a long and illustrious history of stellar success.


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