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10 Amazing Searches Made on Google the Most in the Last 20 Years

  • 10 Amazing Searches Made on Google the Most in the Last 20 Years

    10 amazing searches made on Google the most in the last 20 years

    Google has been the amazing partner for all on which we count on for everything. There is a wide range of searches that are initiated by the people all around the globe. Recently, the most popular search that got the place in trend was the 20th Birthday celebration of the Google. According to the sources, Google came into action on 4th September 1998 officially but chose 27th September as its born date. Only a few people are aware of the realities so as to why this happened like that.

    Unknown of the reason, Google introduced a slew of tools and fun games in the admiration of the eminent occasion. It included a video in which a tour of the garage has been showcased where Google was born in the year 1998 with a search tool that took 20 years back to the most popular search trends.

    Though fun but informative too! This search of over the last two decades can be the appropriate excuse to spend your time at leisure by watching them in the afternoon.

    However, by knowing the fact that you are fond of love and information; we have come up with the most surprising and amazing searches made so far in the last two decades on the Google.

    Dogs are loved more when compared to cats by the Internet
    This is an undeniable fact known to almost all the people who have been on YouTube, Reddit, Buzzfeed, or I Can Haz Cheezburger. The internet was once made exclusively for cats. It was all filled with the searches like cat videos, animated cats, cat gifts, cat memes, etc. Cats were all over the place ruling the internet with millions of searches made.

    But Google says something else! People have searched more on dogs rather than the cats. Obviously, cats have been placed second on the search basis because there has never been a single year when cats are searched more than the dogs via Google.

    Since the past 20 years, the searches occurred around the dogs include keywords like “Pitbull dog”, “Dogs for Sale”, “Cute Dogs”, and “How to draw a dog”.

    The trendiest search more than the Bible: LOLITA
    According to analysis published on sites, the most predictable search that is initiated in the category of book is Bible since 2003 and the second place has been reserved by the Quran since 2005. Prior to 2003, the book which was on the top search list and was a less ecclesiastical text was Lolita. From the year 1999 to 2002, this controversial novel of 1955 was the most searched book on Google. At present, this book has marked its place at 10th position among the most Googled books.

    Best SEO has been covered by DORA the Explorer
    For the past 20 years, there has been an array of the children’s shows such as Power Rangers, Thomas the Tank Engine, or The Last Airbenderor Adventure Time. Amid these amazing cartoons search, the most consistently famous show was Dora the Explorer in the last two decades. It first became popular from the year 2003 to 2007 with #1 position, and again came into action in the year 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018.

    Ben 10 was the closest competitor of this show which gained #1 position from the year 2008 to 2013 and again in 2017, prior to the telecasting of Power Rangers.

    Pluto was never the part of #1 position on Google
    According to the Google reports, Pluto being a space object was never the trendiest search by the year 2006 when it was declared as a dwarf planet. In the last two decades, Pluto has been given the ninth position consistently, except in the year 2010 when it was inclined to tenth place behind Neptune.

    The most searched actor– ‘Peak Chuck Norris’
    The meme of Chuck Norris was long-established on the internet but was not honored as the most searched actor on the Google. By the year 2006, he attained the popularity and became the second most searched actor after Jessica Alba in the row.

    The 2006– Remembered as the year of Sudoku
    Sudoku became the trendiest game on Google in the year 2006. Maybe because no one really understood how to play this game.

    Outlasting and popular song namely ‘Let it snow’
    It was very surprising to know that the most searched song on the Google was Let It Snow in the year 2011. It contains no video or any celebrity but still gained a mysterious popularity. All this happened suddenly because Google introduced a theme in which if you search out for this song, it would cause a digital snow on your screen.

    Never topped the list but still got popular on Google– The TV show Friends
    Around the 1990s, this TV show gained an outstanding popularity on Google. With its 10th season in 2004, it lost its impact and lost on Google. By the year 1999, The Simpsons held the first place in the Google searches list. Other popular TV shows that came into action in the late 90s include South Park, Sesame Street and Days of Our Lives.

    The most favorite author– Martin Luther King Jr.
    Not a surprising one that Martin Luther King Jr. is the most searched author on Google. It has enjoyed the fame since last two decades than William Shakespeare. Apart from 2011 and 2012, Shakespeare has got placed at #2 among the top searches since 2000. This would not be an exaggeration to say that King deserves this place due to his words and legacy.

    David Beckham was beaten by Mia Hamm in the year 1999
    The most popular soccer player searched on the internet in the year 1999 was David Beckham. After the name of an American footballer Mia Hamm, the name that comes on the second was of David Beckham.

    By the year 2000, Beckham attained the top spot but Hamm stayed in the second place until 2002, and in the top 10 until 2005.


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