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How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Posts Quickly and Easily?

  • How to increse traffic on blog

    How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Posts Quickly and Easily?

    How to increase traffic to your blog posts quickly and easily

    Though you are the best blogger and create exclusive blogs and post them weekly or on monthly basis. You love your audience and care for them. But, there comes a time when being the best is not enough and your best blogs go unnoticed.

    You must be surrounded by many questions striking your mind – Am I not writing or presenting my blog work well? Is this merely a time waste? If this thing is happening to you exactly, then always remember the problem is never about your blogging but about the aspects that don’t produce more traffic to your blog.

    A decade back things were easy and attracting huge traffic to your blogs was not tough at all. Even the people doing this stuff were very few in numbers. With the advancement of time and technology, one can observe that more and more people have come up with their blogging concept and that’s too very unique. The best way to get traffic on your blog posts is to do something that others are not thinking of.

    What If this happens in a matter of 30 minutes? Yes! You heard it right. There are a few tactics which can contribute to increasing traffic to your blog posts at a quick.

    •   Incorporate dramatic style to your content
    If you present your thoughts in a more story way and less in a technical way, things will automatically spice up and get you more audience to look upon your blogs. You will be able to get more and more traffic to your blog posts.

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    •   Make an appropriate choice in the blog topic
    The audience reads about the things that attract them the most. Dull topics can result in lower traffic. Go for the writings that are demanded the most in the market.

    •   Add an attractive heading to your content
    Prior to publishing the content or blog, make sure you have given your writing an eye-catchy heading. The heading that is attractive and effective both are read the most. In just a matter of minutes, you will be able to make these changes.

    •   Opt for visual
    It has been proved by the science that the humans remember and like things which are presented in the form of visuals such as memes, infographics, videos, comics, etc. In this fast world, nobody has enough time to read things. Making your blog post in the visual can allow you to increase traffic on your writings.

    •   Enhance the loading time of your blog
    When it comes to ranking websites, Google prioritizes only high-speed loading websites. According to the researches, it has been observed that 47% of readers expect a page to load within 2 seconds.
    For speeding up the loading, all you have to do is reduce the number of plugins you’ve been using right at the moment. You can switch all these plugins with one plugin like Jetpack.

    •   Provide an ease to social sharing
    Whenever writing on the social platforms like Twitter always use short and brief content and if possible, incorporate hashtags and usernames to it.

    •   Make every visitor turn into a lead
    While concluding the blogs, keep in mind that you use strong words that drive them to read your other posts and even subscribe.

    •   Spring up with the gilt-edge number of posts
    More the number of posts, the more is the traffic. But you should know that what exactly the number of posts you should upload. The most prominent way to do that is to notice the number of subscribers and their activities more closely. Check deeply whether you are getting unsubscribe requests more on posting too much. This will help you in a quick to trace out the number of posts to be posted at once.

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    •   Get in touch with the bloggers who send you traffic
    It has been proved that for SEO and web marketers, the neat tool is Monitor Backlinks. This helps in getting notified when you are losing or gaining a backlink every time. You can also make a comparison with your competitors in terms of ranking.

    •   Be a regular responder to your blog comments
    According to the researches made, it is said that the more you respond to the blog comments, the more traffic you will receive. If it is seen from the point of view of an SEO, it sounds the most ideal thing to do.

    The other way to have a control over the traffic is by adding a link in the comment URL section that will direct them to the page you want to make them see.

    •   Develop your competent and efficient brand on Quora
    Quora has been known as the best platform for putting questions and answers according to your whims and also helps in building up an appropriate following. On Quora, you can have an instant publicity to 1.5 million monthly visitors.

    If you are acknowledged enough about your topic, then answering the questions will not take time more than 15 minutes. Also, you can follow the topics related to yours.



    2 thoughts on “How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Posts Quickly and Easily?”

    1. Increasing the traffic the not easy but its worth effort. These are really helpful tips because I have tried it some of them and they worked and our traffic increase.

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