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Things to Know Before Developing an eCommerce Website

  • Things to Know Before Developing an eCommerce Website

    For any start-up business implementation on the internet, the need for web development comes in the first place. There are various aspects that are considered in detail before the web development. These aspects mainly range from user experience to its performance. Developing an E-Commerce Website can quite be challenging as it is quite different from the other types of websites. This type of website is developed on a large scale and includes a complex process. An E-Commerce Website is primarily and only builds for the customers and every website owner would want to make their users’ experience better every time. Along with these considerations, there come the five important things that should be known to the owner and web developer prior to the development of an E-Commerce Website.

    1. Responsive Design

    Nowadays, people like to use their mobile devices to visit any website, even if it is shopping on an e-commerce website. It has been reported that most of the traffic on the websites come from mobile phones in comparison to other sources of devices. However, an owner of the website should make sure that his or her e-commerce website is shown in the most optimized manner on the mobile phones of the users so that the shopping can be done easily through an easy access to it.

    To ensure the success of an e-commerce website, a responsive website design is regarded as a proven way to do that. For the immediate implementation of responsive design, Episerver CMS tool is put into use. There are other CMS platforms available too but they need an extra configuration. Be it any platform usage, you need to be sure that it doesn’t produce any discomfort for the users while using your website on mobile devices.

    1. Support Guest Checkouts

    Almost every e-commerce site requires the users to create an account and then make any purchases. This is so because it filled the communication gap between the company and users and keeps updated about the new products and services at the right time. Due to the paucity of time or disliking about the creation of an account, there are many who don’t wish to create any type of account on the e-commerce websites.

    The account creation is found suitable for the ones who visit the site repeatedly and wish to buy products from it. But the companies should also consider the users who don’t wish to create an account. However, the users should be available with both the options.

    1. Site Search is Important

    According to the statistical reports, it has been stated that 30% of e-commerce site visitors make use of search bar to find their intended product, so a web developer should know how to make this process easy and convenient for the users. It is also considered to be a great way to make a search for products or items related to the intended event.

    There is another way called Faceted Search used for finding products on the website. This aspect lessens the operations of the users and provides an easy and accessible way to their products. More power gets added to the functionality and it shows only what a customer is looking for on the website.

    1. Security is Essential

    For ensuring a security, an e-commerce website should be supportive of SSL to encrypt information. It is essential because of the information like a credit card, payment details, or other information like address, phone number, email, etc. All the customers on e-commerce websites always look forward to keeping their personal information safe and secured, even at the time of making purchases and paying for the same through various payment resources. Being an owner of the website, it becomes important o provide customers’ details and payment as safe as possible. And the businesses who accept credit card payments are required to meet PCI compliance to ensure a great security for the customers making purchases.

    1. Optimize Site Performance

    A big reason behind a website losing its customers is its slow speed. Many kinds of research are performed that exclaimed that 40% of users have immediately left the website when it took more than a time of 3 seconds to load. This data was mainly derived from the users of mobiles who perform multi-task and often abandon the websites that are slow.

    Make sure your website loads as fast as possible and you don’t lose customers due to this reason. Look at a few ways to make your website run smoothly:

    • To speed up the interaction with the website, a site’s JavaScript or CSS resource files should be compiled in a single file. This is so because users will only have to download one JavaScript file or style sheet rather than a lot one.
    • Use compress images as they are the best alternative to go with for reducing download times.
    • For reducing the time spent sending data between the web server and the database server, caching should be used.

    Keep all these aspects in mind and design an e-commerce website accordingly. Considering these things will provide your users with a great website experience and add a lot of elements in making your website smooth and effective. Collaboration with professional web developers can take your website presence and administration to a completely next level. Along with the web development, there are many other things that are needed to be considered like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more to ensure a great success for the business across the globe.

    Looking forward to developing an e-commerce website? Consider the above-mentioned points and move forward with the process. Make sure you don’t leave any point overlooked. Get the best knowledge through this article and ensure only the best for your business. Build your e-commerce website after considering all the valuable things needed to be looking for a user-friendly and smooth website.


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