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Mobile-First Indexing 2018 – What It Means for Your Online Business

  • Mobile-First Indexing 2018

    Mobile-First Indexing 2018 – What It Means for Your Online Business

    SEO is arguably the most dynamic of all digital marketing domains. Since it draws traffic organically, it is the cornerstone of all online commercial activity. This also means that companies constantly need to keep track of the latest trends and policy changes relating to website ranking and indexing.

    Mobile-First Indexing 2018

    Recently, a new decision by Google has sent shockwaves across the global SEO industry. According to Google, all websites will now be ranked according to their quality in terms of mobile presentation.  Mobile-first indexing is a clear move by Google to cater to the ever-growing portable devices market and it will impact websites worldwide.

    Let us explore what you need to do to get the best benefit here:

    Go Completely Mobile-Responsive
    Responsive web designs began to emerge once it became clear that portable devices were the future of web browsing. Now, they have a significant hold in the market and continually expand outward. It would not be a surprise to any expert to see mobile-devices become the dominant form of online browsing. Naturally, businesses need to cater to this market and present their websites in an attractive manner. Thus, the need for getting mobile-first indexing.

    Now, Google decision to index websites mobile-first has made mobile-responsiveness mandatory. Here are some of the major features of a responsive mobile website:

    • Adaptive site grid based on device screen size.
    • Self-adjusting texts and images.
    • Design alterations for optimized experience on portable devices.
    • CSS media queries for designated changes in design protocols.

    So, a good responsive web design creator working to benefit from mobile-first indexing should be able to accommodate all these things into your website. More specifically, they need to look at factors like zooming, site dimensions, image and text autoscaling, mobile-friendly menus etc.

    Find a Good Mobile Optimized Website Creator
    If you are just starting out with your website, you are better off getting a mobile responsive design right off the bat. This is so because the bulk of your web traffic is going to come from portable devices. Naturally, if the person browsing your websites does not have a good experience, they are not likely to bring you their business.
    When you are searching for a website builder, you might find a lot of options out there. Out of these, most people are going to go for the Google version of the software. However, instead of plying the software yourself, you should seek out professional help.

    Unless you are a programmer by default, you are not likely to be able to use the software to the best effect. At best you are going to be able to make your website responsive at the cost of a lot of time. It is better to let pro programmers handle this stuff.

    Another very important factor for websites vying for top mobile-first indexing is speed. It is estimated that the average internet user on mobile devices does not wait more than 2 seconds for a website to load. Naturally, you need to keep up with these demands. Otherwise, you will be losing business unnecessarily.

    Curate Your Content for Mobile Platforms
    Now, we have discussed the various technical aspects of the website. We have also talked about the practical business-oriented aspects. It is time we focus on what all visitors to your website will be looking at – the content.

    By now, you understand the mobile users have a very short attention span. Therefore, companies need to market their products in a highly engaging and engrossing manner. This information must be presented in an attractive way and needs to have the right visual and informational stimuli to keep the visitors hooked.

    In other words, you need to increase your content’s immersiveness. There are many ways of doing that. The best content curators make use of a number of media both textual and visual to make their content more appealing. Another very important trick is to keep using the trending media like GIFs, memes, videos, HD pictures to substantiate the anchoring text.

    Obviously, since you will be engaging with clients or potential clients in an interactive manner, you should get on social media and really capitalize on it. In this regard, the best way forward is to use short catchy headlines without making them seem clickbait. The same goes form the core content. It needs to be short, crisp and power packed. This is a sure way of capitalizing on Google’s mobile-first indexing quality change.

    What’s the Verdict?
    Mobile-responsiveness is the way into the future. You should go and get it done now before things get too complex for your website to catch up to. Remember, the idea is to cater to audiences in the best way possible. Do ample research on mobile-first indexing and find reliable mobile-responsive developers and content creators to bring your website ahead of the curve.


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