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Being dedicated website designing and marketing company in India, we enlist top-notch professional for designing a website that not just looks stunning but also offer optimal user-interface. Nevertheless, over the few years, web technology has been transformed remarkably and as a web designer, we have to keep ourselves updated. That’s why we learn and relearn night and day to give you the result that ends with your wow!
Your website design is an important factor that has a vital role for your online performance and the general conception is all about the look and appearance. Technically, website designing is far more than creating a beautiful layout. A designer must know the art of representation along with the science of creating a user-friendly website. Therefore, we have experienced designers that have mastered in creating a design that drives notable website performance.

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Innovation, creativity and fresh vision; we enlist every form of art to create our masterpiece in the form of website design. Creativity is important when your website has to perform among the millions of customers. In fact, you have to admit that customers usually have short-term memory: they easily forget about your website unless you creatively draw an impression. This can be achieved through designing and our designers know how to. With precise content and straightforward design, we still manage room for creativity.


When it is all about the technology, our expert has mastered in every tool that used in website designing. In order to give satisfaction, we skilled in using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Bug heard Fontello,, foundation 3 and numerous others. We also continue learning new tools and welcome the technological changes to enhance your website performance. Our technological skills are not just limited to certain software; moreover, our designers are capable of creating script and codes that even increase the website performance and abilities.

Responsive Design:

Responsive design is important, as the users are not only using the desktop to view your website pages. A versatile website has to fit on different resolutions and screen sizes. Our designers with brilliant use of CSS media queries create a blend of flexible grids, images, and layout. When the user switches from desktop to Smartphone, your website automatically accommodates the screen resolution, image size, and another layout. In addition, our designs are liquid or fluid design: means the web page will not just fit for the different devices but also it also reshapes while resizing the browsers.


Every website struggles to get a better online presence. There are many factors that affect your online performance. Search Engine Optimization process start right from the beginning when you purchase a domain, and it focuses on the Website Development (the right way to develop an SEO-friendly website is to enlist simplest yet powerful coding). Similarly, in website designing, you need to design a website that has better user-interface such as fast loading and easy navigation. Technically, a designer has to keep many things into his/her consideration while designing a website. We design web pages that strictly based on Search Engines point of view.

Perks of Hiring 6ixwebsoft Technology designers:


We personally comprehend every project and analyze the vital steps that can enhance the website performance. We study markets and estimate its requirements, and then deliver the service that has strong Return on Investment.


We personally comprehend every project and analyze the vital steps that can enhance the website performance. We study markets and estimate its requirements, and then deliver the service that has strong Return on Investment.

Customers’ satisfaction:

Our prior motive is to satisfy our clients, that’s why we continuously improve our design and make them exactly the way you want. Our designers also keep in mind the current trend and the market in which the website is about to serve.

Our website designing services:

Ecommerce Website design:

Technically, a designer has to work differently while designing an e-commerce website. Easy-to-use, precise content, uninterrupted check-out, and appealing logo: there are many thing designers have to keep in mind to design an user-friendly e-commerce website.

Website redesigning:

Whether you are not happy with your website design or you need to add something on your website. We can redesign your website to make it better. Website redesigning is important to enhance website performance, we can help you to improve your website design and enhance its user-interface.


We provide PSD to XHTML conversion services. Our dedicated designers’ team provides tailored services. You can send us your PSD in any format, we optimize image and provide easy CMS integration.
6ixwebsoft Technology is dedicated website Design Company in India. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified brand for reliable and finest website designing services. We are globally appreciated brand for website designing and marketing, connect with us.

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  • Core Professional & Expert in PHP, Joomla, Drupal, OpenSource, Web Development & Web Design. He always come up with good Quality work, Excellent team work, committed to complete project in planned time well before deadline and that too within a stipulated budget. Been very Supportive to clients.

    - Pratyush Agarwal Technology Consultant
  • I worked with Abhay on a project together and I would highly recommend his services. My client hired him on and we built a great working relationship and he is extremely competent in what he does.

    - Kevin brody Consultant
  • Abhay has been great to work with! He is easy to contact, is always very timely & professional! I have used him for several various jobs dealing with website development and SEO.
    I recommend his company if you are looking for someone to design a good website for you as well manage it on the back end and do a good job he’s your guy!

    - Kobi Bender Owner at Affordable Videos Online
  • Its a pleasure to work with 6ixWebSoft, indeed a team of expert web professionals, master of creativity & efficiency! They have been excellent to handle 3 really LARGE Projects at one time with full attention and delivered on time with full satisfaction from my clients
    I used its team on series of projects till now and 6ixWebSoft always came out with the best, helping me to get appreciation & more works from my clients. Abhay’s (CEO) working is quite excellent and his attitude to feedback was constructive and always helpful.

    - Tony Galic Owner at GT GRUPA j.d.o.o.
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