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Compare the Top Frameworks Bootstrap VS Foundation

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    Compare the Top Frameworks Bootstrap VS Foundation

    Compare the Top Frameworks Bootstrap VS Foundation

    About Framework: – A framework is simply a normal way of dealing with a familiar type of problem. In our case, in the planet of front-end development, it means making Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. It involves everything from managing to letter, push button, form fields, to rotators and mobile routing.
    When it comes to being a developer and designer, you always reach an intersection of which CSS framework you must use? There are numerous out there to select from, but two of the most generally mentioned ones are Bootstrap and Foundation. In this article, we will compare the two CSS frameworks, Bootstrap vs. Foundation. By reading the following points about how using a framework can help speed up and update your development and design process.

    What do you mean by CSS Framework?
    Making a website or app sometimes can take a lot of time and development. A CSS framework normally uses by developers and designers as a device to increase the process. A CSS framework, also sometimes referred to as a front-end framework, is a package that makes up of predefined HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which must use when to begin to make out a project. With this, you don’t have to code from an empty slate each time you require to build a website or web application. In this, we are exclusively focusing on front-end frameworks which have to deal with what the companies observe.
    A CSS framework consists of the following workings:
    • HTML code which helps make up the formation of the pages.
    • Typography method.
    • CSS to visually change how components appear.
    • JavaScript to change active elements such as drop-downs, mounting menus, etc.
    • Receptive media question.
    • Cross-browser compatibility fixes.

    Benefits of Framework:-
    1. Code Faster: – The complete end of a framework is to offer a periodic structure so that, as a developer, you can start your coding work efficiently and speedily.
    2. Uniformity: – If you’re working with a group of members, a framework offers structure and consistency among projects. So you can easily switch projects, deliberate what naming principle to use, and what elements have access.
    3. Solidity: – You don’t have to drag a group of third party scripts into your code (i.e. rotator) because those attributes are already involving within the framework itself.

    Drawbacks of Framework:-
    1. Modifications: – Sometimes necessitate lots of change to make it work, could end up the price you more time.
    2. Documentation: – Necessitate documentation for alteration when updating.
    3. Feature: – Lost a feature you require, in which you have to initiate another third party benefit.
    4. Unnecessary code: – Possibly needless code for your perfect situation.
    5. Collaborative: – Power makes teamwork harder.

    Bootstrap: – It is the definite organizer among the available frameworks these days. Given its enormous recognition, which is still increasing every day, you must make sure that this astonishing toolkit fails you, or go away you alone on your way to construction successful websites. It formerly created by Mark Otto, a Twitter developer, as their method. In reality, it originally named Twitter Bootstrap, but within the past few years, drop the “Twitter” part. It is an open-source front-end framework consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is modular base and has latest version 3 with fewer style sheets.
    Though, with Bootstrap 4 they have switched over to the Sass CSS preprocessor. It bases on a 1,170px grid system which is an open layout. The first strength of Bootstrap is its tremendous reputation.
    Officially, it’s not automatically better than the others on the list, but it provides many more resources than the other four frameworks collective. In short, Bootstrap is everywhere.

    Foundation: – It is the second significant option in this comparison. With any solid company, this framework has a truthfully active well foundation. After all, Foundation uses on many large websites including Facebook, Mozilla, eBay, Yahoo, and National Geographic, etc. Foundation created by a company called Zurb. They use Foundation on every customer project to help them prototype quickly.
    In 2011, they released their framework to the community as open source. Foundation is a truly proficient framework with business support, preparation, and consult accessible. It also offers many assets to help you learn and use the framework quicker and easier. It is open-source under the MIT license. It is modular base and consists of Sass stylesheets. It bases on a 940px grid system which is an open layout. Foundation also offers users with starter templates permit them to begin creating their web project even faster.

    Comparison between them:-
    1. The Grid System: – The most famous part of a front-end framework is the grid system. It’s the heart feature that enables designers and developers to quickly prototype layouts and makes rapid changes with confidence. Foundation always has a little ahead of the arc in this place; it is the first big framework to go quickly to respond and also the only great mobile-first framework for a period. On the other hand, Bootstrap also has these qualities in place now. The sentence structure for creating grids a little different, so this is a place where the individual preference may come into play, but it’s easy to make corresponding code snippets that do almost the correct same thing in both frameworks.

    2. Sizing Units: – For manipulative widths, lettering, and other things, Bootstrap uses pixels and Foundation uses rims. There are practical differences between these two methods that are vital to understanding, but both are proficient of generating the same results. Pixels may be a little bit more well-known to graphic artists and new web designers, but some use the rim unit. For responsive deign use the rims for proportions.

    3. Features and Components: – Both frameworks show to the very detailed list of pre-built elements, but some slight differences help you make the decision.
    Foundation has built-in form confirmation through the stand. That’s not to say that Bootstrap not also have form confirmation, but for some, the pre-made Foundation solution may good head start. Foundation also contains substitution, which is a vigorous resolution for available images, although it may more than you require. Bootstrap isn’t moderately as feature-full, also feel like many of Bootstrap’s features are in a complete state. In other words, the defaulting look of Bootstrap elements appears more suited to speedily building a one-off website and accumulation a theme.

    Top Open Source Content Management System

    Gone are the days when people have to hire developers to edit or add even a little stuff on their website. Now, websites are more flexible and scalable that an owner can effortlessly add or edit content on the website. Content Management System literally is an application that allows us to create or modify digital content and publish them on a website. Importantly, Content Management System is a crucial feature for website owners who have launched their websites in hope to get abetter opportunity for whatever he/she is seeking. Every website is launched with a motive; you should opt for every option considering your requirements.


    Open Source CMS is important for those who frequently modify and add digital content to their website and technically, almost every website needs frequent updates. Whenever anyone talks about open source CMS, usually three words pop in mind: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. But, hey which one is the best. Would you believe me, if I say none of them? Yes! None of them, the best open source CMS depends on your requirements. Having larger numbers of users and appreciated widely would be futile if it does not offer the facilities that you need. Or in other words, ‘the best’ is arelative term here.

    WordPress as CMS:

    In many ways, WordPress is most popular content management system and one of thereasons is as simple as, it has made website simple and unfussy;however, in the beginning, it was created for bloggers but now it has become more than a blogging platform. Now, WordPress occupies everything under the sun, whether it is areal-estate website or other business websites, WordPress is effectively providing robust and flexible CMS. It is easy to install and manage as even a novice can easily operate the CMS to edit or add digital content. For small business owners, WordPress websites are the most suitable and beneficial choice, as it is free and offers almost everything people need to sell their products and services. So, if your hands are tight but you need an inexpensive website that performs for your business then you should go for WordPress.

    Joomla as CMS:

    Joomla is also a cost-effective CMS, but when you develop a website using Joomla then it may cost you little as it offers lesser themes and plugins for free. Joomla is identical for social networking and ecommerce website. Both e-commerce and social networking websites need robustly flexible as they need extra features than just a simple website. Joomla is perfect for adynamic website.

    Drupal as CMS:

    It is among most powerful website. Powerful to provide best website security and features, that is why most of the prominent organizations and companies are availing this one for authentic website experience. Whether it is the Warner and Bros. or white house, they all believe in Drupal for better web experience. Drupal is best for all websites though it is sometimes not as cost-effective as WordPress, but if you need best web experience and a website that effectively goes in all, consider Drupal.

    If you need a website or an assistance to fix web problems, then get a quote from 6ixwebsoft Technology.

    Hiring Certified HubSpot Services

    Marketing has always been a crucial concern for entrepreneurs, and nowadays, it has become more complex yet more essential than it was in the past. Radio ads, direct mails, telemarketing and cold calling has become the approaches of past, but with the significant intervention of internet, digital marketing has become more surrounded to the internet. The contemporary approaches to digital marketing are strictly based on internet campaign and the benefits that we get are inevitable and necessary.

    Inbound marketing
    is essential for those who selling products or services online, though they may limit to the specific geographical region; the digital marketers are equipped with many effective tools and strategies that assure for measurable results. HubSpot is among such tools that efficiently helpful to execute the marketing strategies successfully. Being most successful and popular Marketing Software, HubSpot is completely dedicated to inbound marketing, rather telemarketing and other outbound marketing.

    Since its inception in 2006, HubSpot has become most robust and effective tools for marketing. Consider Search Engine Optimization, which is a major inbound marketing. In many ways, HubSpot provide profound assistance to SEO campaign, for instance, the software has a keyword grader, which is helpful while researching keywords. Moreover, HubSpot also provides link-grader to manage and comprehend the amount of link presents on a website. Thus, you can measure the effectiveness of link base.

    When it comes to on-page SEO, HubSpot goes handily in all. It helps experts to come up with most effective set up of title, its length, and the best way to avail HTML. Moreover, Hubspot also analyzes entire website, suggest the portions and pages that required to be improved.

    Perks of hiring a professional Hubspot service provider worth more than the price you pay, as such service is not just beneficial for a month or years but the modification that this service will do would remain as long as you are selling your products or services online. Nevertheless, for digital marketing you just cannot rely on a tool, you need professional supervision and effective strategies.

    If you are looking for a digital marketing firm that substantively, manage all your marketing needs and enhance your online presence, then get a quote from 6ixwebsoft. We are not just limited to HubSpot but we avail numerous tools and strategies to list your website on top of the Search Engine Suggestion Page. Being leading Digital Marketing Company in the USA, we have dedicated professionals that ensure for result-oriented services.

    Everything you need to know about Ecommerce website design and development

    Whenever we think of an ecommerce website, a multi-layered web page with easy navigation will pop in mind. Technically, a single page website with a PayPal button can be considered as an ecommerce website but then again technically, concerning the current marketing fray the chances for success of such ecommerce is a doubt. Selling goods online needs different setup from run-of-the-mill blogging websites. Commonly modern e-commerce websites have a user-interface, administration settings, store data and a workflow of processes. This article will explain the essential eleven features every ecommerce website needs in order to perform well among their customers.

    When dissecting the ecommerce website we have concluded on five major performers that perform on the website and each one of them is integrated with each other in such a way that malfunctioning of any one of them can lead to an unsuccessful ecommerce website. The first performer on an ecommerce website is the customers – who buy products. The next performer is the website owner – ships products and gets paid. Ecommerce applications come next that provide an interface between all the performers. Then we have most crucial one- the payment gateway; it crucial to have reliable payment gateway so that your customers faithfully make payment of the products they purchase. Last but not the least, the performer in our list is merchant or business bank account, which is specialized for ecommerce owners.

    Process that undergoes when a successful purchase is made can be threaded as

    > Customer browses the products catalog
    > The customer adds his/her required products to cart
    > Then the customer buys the products and enter check-out procedure
    > E-commerce application contact the payment gateway
    > Payment gateway provides secure shipping and payment information
    > Payment gateway connect with the website merchant bank account
    > Merchant bank account collect the payment and returns control again to payment gateway
    > Then payment gateway hand over the customer to ecommerce application
    > The application send notification to the web site owner for the purchase
    > Website owner start shipping the products to customer

    Eleven essential features every ecommerce website should have:

    Responsive: yes! This feature is first on our list. Technically, responsive website stands to provide an optimal viewing experience across wide range of devices with a minimum resizing. Having a responsive website has become crucial for ecommerce web owners. Statically, around 55% of customers make a purchase from their mobile phones rather than from desktops or laptops. Therefore, if you want to reach those customers, you need to be prepared with responsive websites.

    Easy Navigation: Ecommerce website is all about functionality, features, and design. Your customers must not find any difficulty while finding their desired products. You need to keep the overall layout simple yet elegant. Customers love to stay on the websites, which are easy to use. If your website is not capable of navigating your customers to buy your products then you are losing a huge amount of customers. Make simple and easy navigation to different pages.

    Fast Load Time: Fast load time is not only helpful to avoid the repelling of customers to your website but it is also a powerful ranking factor. Search engines precisely Google love the websites that load faster. Whether users browse your website from mobile or desktop, you need to keep the shortest time to load. Very slow websites create bad user-experience, and along with your customers, Google too ignores slow websites.

    High-Resolution pictures and videos: What would be the reason behind the stunning lighting of shopping malls? Maybe because the lightning expresses their products more clearly, likewise, ecommerce websites have to enlist good quality images with significant zooming strength, so that your customers conveniently examine the products. Your images should be descriptive to show all the features of the product.

    Shopping Cart, Customer Accounts, and Search Box: It would be impossible even to imagine an ecommerce website without these three features. Usually, a simple basket is a popular representation of shopping cart, you should try similar figure for your website. When it comes to customer accounts, you should keep the form precise and short. A long and laborious registration form increase chances to abandon the purchase. Online buyers keen to make a purchase quickly and they can easily be distracted with the inconvenience. It would be better if you provide guest checkout to faster the process. The search box can be the first thing that users use to get their desired products, in ecommerce websites the most highlighted stuff on the website is a search box. Make it eye-catching and functional.

    A clear logo and simple yet attractive design: A logo reminds your customers of your brand, and provides recognition to the visitors. Maybe it is just a mini graphic but effectively it works as a reassuring symbol and an element of trust and loyalty. The design, on the other hand, is crucial in making an appealing and attractive layout. Customers impress more with the good-looking website but also they easily repel from slow loading websites. So, you need to keep both looks and user-interface in tandem.

    Seamless Checkout: The conversion rate of your website will significantly increase if you offer your customers a seamless checkout facility. It takes seconds when buyers change their mind, long checkout procedure usually repelling for your customers. As soon as they determine to buy a product, they just want to check out without any delay. A single-page checkout page is an effective way to enhance user-friendliness.

    Featured and related products: As soon as your website gains a visitor, then somehow you have to keep him/her engage in your products, which is pretty effective to convert them into a buyer. Displaying featured products on your homepage will communicate with the buyers and who knows; maybe they buy your products. Related products provide buyers a wide variety of products including the one they are currently viewing.

    Newsletters: when you have an e-commerce website then it is crucial for you to communicate with your customers. The newsletter is an essential feature of ecommerce website, which automatically sends emails to people who considered as potential customers.

    : In SEO point of view, the blog is necessary to acquire better web presence; it does not only bring visitors to your website but also engage them and insist them to buy your products.

    Secure Payment: Indispensably, you have to provide secure and reliable payment gateway for your customers. Besides its reliability, the payment option of your website has to versatile. So, while making payment your customers have multiple choice.
    6ixwebsoft is for robust and optimal ecommerce design and development. Get a free quote now.

    Improve Ad Position without Increasing Bid

    When users search with certain keywords on Google, Ads show at top positions in search results.  Only the top ads show from position 1st to 4th, which an average gets over 80 percent of total clicks. Your ad position is determined by Ad Rank.
    Improve Ad Position without Increasing Bid

    When You do PPC marketing, the ad position has big impact over performance of your campaigns. In this guide we will help you understand how ad position work and how you can improve your ad position for better results.

    It said that – Don’t go for race without right equipment” and this why Here is some of the points to consider to improve ad rank of your ads for winning the spots –

    Segment keyword Groups – If you will not choose the right keywords for your Business, the result will never be great. If your group name is SEO Services, make sure that you have added keywords close to SEO services only. Create different groups and segment keywords based on their relevance to search queries.

    Create quality Ads –  Try to use keywords in your ads and make sure to write them in a good manner. You should use keywords in your ad texts. A/B testing will help you understand which ad is performing good.  Include a main keyword in the display URL. More Relevance Keywords => Higher Quality Score => lower cost per click.

    Diagonose low performing keywords – After keyword segmentation you can check that which keywords have poor quality score. You can either remove some keywords if they have low search volume, or you can improve landing page and keywords to increase quality score.

    Optimized Landing Pages – Quality score is an important factor to improve ad rank. If you create good and keywords optimized landing pages, doing this will help you improve quality score and so ad rank. Make sure that the landing page is loading fast and it is responsive by nature.

    Ad Extensions – Google offers 7 types of ad extensions to make your ads more appropriate. Use as useful ad extensions as possible because doing this will help your campaign in many ways.

    Bid/Budget – the budget defined for each keyword should not be too low because if you do so, your ads will not serve in the way you want.

    Final Words – For getting best results in cost effective ways, you need to optimize your PPC campaigns in a way that it will help users in the best ways for getting their queries. Above mentioned points will help your website get quality traffic from search engines /sites. If you need any help, 6ixwebsoft technology is #1 PPC Company USA, we can help you get your ads run at lowest budget. Thanks!

    Tips to choose right SEO Company

    Going for SEO services is a good decision but it would be tough to select a good company for getting results as per expectations. There are many advantages to hire a good SEO agency but things can be wrong if your project is being done by irresponsible team.



    These following golden rules can help you choose a perfect search engine optimization company for your Business needs –

    Know your Business Goals – You need to decide what you expect from their SEO services. Your business goals will help companies explain the required strategies to follow.

    Start the Consultation  – Once you are decided your expectations from an SEO company, you need to start looking for a company to work with. Contact some good SEO companies in USA that you think are experts in Search Engine Optimization. Most of companies will provide free SEO audit for your website since they consider it as an opportunity to  showcase their talents.

    Asking more Information – When you get SEO audits from the companies you need to ask more about their strategies to perform for providing rank to your website. Make sure they provide reports on frequent basis. Getting top ranking of non-competitive keyword is of no use, You need to know about search volume of keywords they are going to promote. Do some market research and pay them as per Industry standards. If you will search for cheapest, You will never get the best results.

    “Taj would not been so beautiful if Sahjahan asked for three quotation and decided for the lowest.“

    Check their ability to rank a website – You need to make sure that they are capable to rank your website at higher positions in search engines. You can see their past works and the qualities of work they have done to grab results.

    One another thing is that, you need to check if their website is getting ranks for the services they provide. If they can’t provide ranking to their own website,  how can you be sure that they can provide top rankings to your website. For example, if you search in Google for the keywords related to our website (, you will find our website at 1st page for various keywords including “SMO Company USA”, “PPC Company USA”, “SEO Company USA”, “eCommerce Website Development USA” etc.

    Conclusion –  Whether you are a small business owner or you have a big ecommerce company, you need ensure that your business website has best possible presence over internet so that you can take maximum advantages.

    If this is something, you can’t do yourself due to lack of time or knowledge, it is recommended to hire a trustworthy SEO firm to fulfill your business goals. Before taking services of any SEO Agency, make sure that you know what they are going to do, your expected results and how much to pay.

    Grow your Atlanta based business with our Digital Marketing Services

    The very important factor of any business marketing strategy is to reach where customers are. Because of increased number of Internet users, if your Atlanta based business website has not good presence over social media and search engines, It is very difficult to get maximum leads and calls. In the age of Digital World, You can’t ignore the power of Internet Marketing as people are searching Google and other media for getting services they are looking for.

    Audience is now searching everything on phone instead of looking of things surround them. If you want when people make search on Google, find you, You should invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM). From the recent time, there is huge downfall in traditional marketing and companies are focusing more on Internet Marketing services.

    Types of Digital Marketing Services we offer

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization is a process to help website get found at top positions in search engines like Google.  There are two types of procedures in SEO namely On-Page and Off-Page SEO. In On-Page SEO, we make changes on website while off-page SEO consists of promoting website URL over third party websites. Since, 70 % of searches go with organic results, it is vital for every business to go for SEO services. If your business is based in Atlanta, You should choose “Local SEO” in order to  get maximum calls and leads.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Social Media Optimization is a process to help business make better presence over social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, G+ and many more. Social Media Optimization helps for better branding of any business. If you want drive quality traffic from social media sites, you need to choose SMO services.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) – Pay Per Click is among fastest ways of Digital Marketing to drive quality traffic on a website. PPC drive paid traffic from Search Results, Social Media Platforms and related websites/blogs. PPC can be search, display, social media, re-marketing, google shopping and mobile advertising. One needs to reach certified PPC company to get maximum results from paid advertisements.

    Choosing the right digital marketing strategy for your Business is crucial. We at 6ixwebsoft Technology can help you understand the procedures to implement to fulfill your business goals. Whether business needs local customers or global, we have good track record to implement the strategies that work. You can request quote for free website Audit so that we can research can get back to you with detailed information.

    Reasons to choose Magento

    When ecommerce retailers need to develop a website, it’s really important to choose a right platform that suits their current and future needs.In general, Magento is as popular in e-commerce technology as WordPress for the CMS industry. Magento is certainly the most preferred e-commerce platform since it gives better control over content and design of the websites.  The real strength of Magento is that it has scalability and enterprise level features as it can manage as many products in your catalog as you need.There are so many unbeatable reasons to consider Magento as best shopping cart platform. Here are some of the points to understand why Magento is much popular e-commerce platform.

    Full Control:  With Magento, You will have full control over both the front end and back end of your website that means you can fully customize it.

    Rich in features: Magento provides so many additional features that make it a leader in its field. From extensive access control system, easy content editing, special pricing & shipping methods to customer group discounts, one can do an array of features.  If something doesn’t support out of the box, it can be added through Magento Connect extension marketplace.

    Magento sites are Scalable :  You won’t expect your e-Commerce website to stay at the same size.  A business aim is to increase the number of traffic, orders and customer base. Magento is built to scale and it does very nicely. It is estimated that the Magento based website can place up to 500,000 products easily and it can even work smoothly up to 80,000 orders in an hour.

    A multi-site with single Install: If you want to run same product but at different web addresses with different currencies, there is no need to run different code bases. Magento does for you.

    SEO friendly: There is no real benefit of creating a website if it is not to search engine friendly. Search Engines are changing their algorithms so it is very useful to use platforms as Magento where one can use SEO optimized URLs, sitemaps, Meta tags, Alt tags etc. As per requirement, there are plenty of free and paid extensions you can get to fulfill any of your SEO needs.

    Open Source:  Magento is an open source platform that means you will have full control over its codes.

    Supportive Community: If you run into an issue with developing your website, there will be someone else in the community who has already dealt and fixed it. The Magento community is beneficial for developers, users and service providers.

    Responsive : Magento websites are super SEO friendly as these sites are highly compatible with all browsers and screen sizes.

    Integrated Payment Option: Multiple payment methods help users to get good shopping experience across the Globe. The involvement of third party payment systems such as paypal, payoneer, ebay to select the best payment method.

    Supports Multi-language and Currency: Magento based websites support multi languages and varied payment methods.

    Secured Authorization & RMA Policy: Magento based e-commerce websites are highly secured and safe. The RMA policy is to bring in more audiences by engaging into return material policy.

    Seamless Checkout Option : Customers don’t need to make payment so many times for bulk orders. Customers can avail a single checkout option for all of the products they selected in cart.

    Review& Feedback option: Magento feedback services are excellent for communication between buyers, merchants and owners.

    Last but not least, there is no real alternative to Magento for providing top class of shopping websites. It has covered around 30% of global ecommerce market; this is because of an array of functionalities it provides. If you are looking for certified Magento developers in USA, 6ixwebsoft Technology is here to help you.

    LSI Keywords

    A search engine is a medium which enables users to search information on web. Whatever query is entered in a search engine a list of relevant websites appear based on keywords present in the content.

    This was the method used by Google, most popular search engine, to determine the relevancy of an article. But basing the search on only keywords may not result in good content web page. In past writers cram pages full with hundreds of keywords and no fruitful content. As a result search engines are now using crawlers who look for common words or phrases related with the main keywords. These are known as LSI keywords.

    What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

    Latent semantic indexing is a retrieval method which looks for patterns of word distribution in different documents and indexed them as per relevancy for crawlers to determine what the content is all about. It helps crawlers in understanding user search habits and provides users with best and most relevant quality content for the search queries. For example if the keyword is laptop then LSI keywords would be Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, Desktop, Tablets, Price, Model, Bags, comparison etc.

    Latent Semantic Analysis assumes that words that are close in meaning will occur in similar pieces of text. Using exact keywords to search the query does not gives accurate results thus analyzing the search query and using different words related to the main keyword provides better results and also helps keeping out the spammers.

    Contrary to popular belief, these are not just synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning. These can be brand names or the current demands in the market. LSI keywords change all the time based on the current trends.

    How to find LSI Keywords?

    If you are a content writer then you need to know about LSI keywords and incorporate them in your article. This does not mean you should not maintain keyword density. Try to incorporate keywords and LSI Keywords in your content to make it search engine relevant. There are several tools available in the market for searching LSI keywords but the best one is Google itself.

    When you enter any query in Google it shows highlighted words and related searches so as you get the idea which words are used by Google for searching your query. Searches related to the query, mentioned at the end of the page, give you the idea about LSI keywords. If you want LSI keywords for phone then enter phone in search query and Google will show you the result as below

    You can also type a keyword without pressing enter key Google would show related search words list.

    Google Adwords Tool also known as Keyword Planner Tool is also very useful in finding LSI keywords. Search for any keyword and it shows keyword ideas at the end.

    How LSI keywords can help with SEO

    Replace keywords with LSI words as it will decrease your keyword density which will increase chances of Google picking up your content and increased page views. Always keep keyword density within 1-3%.

    Use LSI keywords to strengthen your ads. Repeat keywords in ad campaign make it less noticeable.

    Keeping your site indexed by Google is only way to be found in search and increase more traffic to your website. This is can be done with LSI and it also reduces your chances of being penalized by Google.

    Use of LSI keywords in Meta description also helps in gaining attention of Google and making your page more recognizable.

    Tips while using LSI

    Inserting LSI keywords without any strategy, just to fill up content is never good. It looks manipulative and spam.

    Choose the right keywords using Google and then use these words in title, heading or as a question but stay away from over optimization.

    Insert keywords in such a way that they appear completely natural and relevant to your content.
    Write quality content without worrying too much about keywords and you would automatically end up with these keywords in the finished article.

    With the help of Google Webmaster Tools you can see issues and the keywords your content is ranked for.

    Above of all avoid repetition of same keyword over and over. Using LSI keywords is good but excess use and sole focus on keyword is never recommended.

    SEO for Lawyers Website

    Like any professionals lawyers depend on clients for their business and getting these clients is not an easy job. There are many lawyers practicing law in today’s world and to make your mark and get yourself noticed is all it takes to establish yourself in this competitive world.


    The big question is how to achieve that.

    Law firms have employed various marketing techniques such as advertising and PR campaigns and billboards to build up their brand image. Big law firms can afford these marketing expenses but small firms or individual professionals cannot spend huge amount on marketing activities. So what to do?

    Each and every business or professional has a website today. This website can be your tool to get business and build up your image, we will tell you how.

    Search Engine Optimization for your website is answer to establishing yourself without much worrying and hassle

    What is SEO?

    SEO is a group of activities which when employed would improve your ranking on Google result pages. The question arises why you want to improve your ranking in Google.

    This is internet generation and for any information, product knowledge or service providers we search on Google and visit the website it shows. Statistics show that 90% of those visitors click on the websites listed on the first page and only 10% move to the next page. And within that 90%, 30% click on the first organic listing provided. This shows how much important is to be ranked in the first page.

    SEO process employed by 6ixwebsoft Technology to help your web presence and ranking –

    Optimizing website: work is done on indexing, title tags, header tags, updating content, optimizing the code and images and content of the website. Overall your website is optimized and made search engine friendly.

    Target Local keywords: identifying the right keywords which would be beneficial for your web image is very important. Developing good content with these keywords and LSI words would help in generating traffic.

    Google Local Listing: Getting local listing in Google places and maps for local area would help in generating traffic. Even if your ranking is not on first page, Google shows local listings and businesses as per search result. Listing into local directories is also helpful in generating traffic.

    Content writing: Good content and articles related to your specific practice areas are very helpful and improve your chances of ranking for various keywords. Focus on small practice areas such as personal injury, rent agreements, DUI/DWI etc to gain more targeted traffic.

    Social Media: Social media plays a very important role in getting your presence established. Out of sight is out of mind so to be effective and develop a great recall for your services daily social media activities are imperative.
    Online Reputation Management: ORM is very necessary for lawyers as most of their work comes through internet and word of mouth. Promoting positive content and reviews and keeping ahead of any bad review is very important.

    These are some of the steps employed by 6ixwebsoft Technology to help you build your brand and get more visitors. We understand the requirements and business goals and with our dedicated SEO consulting we can help you reach that goal

    SEO for Photography Websites


    Photography is an art and photographers are creative by nature. But with advancement of technologies and more and more gadgets available in the market, everyone has become a photographer and the industry has become highly competitive. Expenditure on marketing activities has increased to get more business but in the end these extra marketing activities are eating your profit and not giving better returns.


    So what to do? How to capture the right target market and increase ROI? The answer is to go for SEO services. Every business has a web presence nowadays and it’s better to focus on building up your web image as the number of internet users are increasing day by day.

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the new age marketing method where instead of spending a lot on different marketing activities you spend on internet activities to build up your Google ranking and attract visitors to your website. The higher you rank in Google, number of visitors and conversion would increase thus increasing your sales.

    Before hiring any photographer for any event people visit internet to check on reviews, quality of services and experience of the service providers available. They check portfolio and testimonials before finalizing a photographer for their special event. Such is the level of impact internet plays on a business and in succeeding it.

    How SEO can help you

    Attracting your target market

    Reduce expenditure on marketing activities

    Build up your brand image and name

    Increased number of visitors and potential customers to your website

    Getting your desired payment for services delivered

    Developing your local client base through Google local business listings

    What 6ixwebsoft Technology can do for you

    6ixwebsoft Technology is a USA based company providing web solutions for clients within and outside USA for more than a decade. We provide web services such as Website Development, Responsive Website Development, Web Design, SEO services and so on.

    We are experts in well researched, customized SEO approach as per specific business needs and providing the best services in the industry. Our vast years of working in this industry has given us experience of dealing with any business from any sector or industry.

    6ixwebsoft Technology has a well developed methodology to help its clients achieve their goal. Our step by step methodology is

    Research knowing the ins and outs of a business, its mission and goals, target market and competitors would help in developing successful strategy for SEO work.

    Blueprint what can be done is proposed in quantitative terms and how much time is required are all discussed and finalized in this stage with the clients.

    Implementation Our SEO consultants and developers work on website and optimization techniques giving you periodic reports.

    We provide full SEO services for photography websites. Photography is different from other product selling websites and therefore requires unique emphasis on certain key points. For example using image keywords and optimizing images carefully so as Google can index the website. We promote site through different social media channels and develop links to different photo bloggers to develop more visibility and traffic.

    Reverse image searches is very important for photographers to check out if their images are used without licensing and to curb their losses. All images on the website are watermarked to curb non licensing usage.

    These are some of the services you get with 6ixwebsoft Technology. Our motto is to provide best web services within the industry at affordable costs. High customer service, affordable costs and best SEO solutions are the key points through which we are known.

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